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Platforms, Ecosystems and Partnerships in the Digital Age

Hosted at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France

Friday, September 21, 2018


Platforms, ecosystems and partnerships have long been central topics in strategy. However as digital drives convergence between industries, technologies, and activities, their role in firm strategy has become both more central and taken on new dimensions. Platforms, long described by academic literature, have become more prevalent and more urgent, while our understanding of platform competition has continued to evolve. Similarly, ecosystems have come into the limelight of academic interest but the many forms of ecosystem competition and how firms are adopting them is just beginning to be studied. Likewise, the nature of partnership has begun to evolve as firms seek to co-create with new types of partners. The purpose of this extension, hosted by INSEAD, is to explore the boundary of platforms, ecosystems, and partnerships by outlining the state of our current understanding and then interacting with practice to uncover the most pressing issues to understand today. Panels will engage experts to discuss the latest insights, particularly as they relate to the digital transformation of companies and the economy.

This will be a full day workshop on Friday, so we recommend attendees plan to arrive in Fontainebleau on Thursday night.

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We are pleased to be hosting this extension at INSEAD.

Boulevard de Constance
77300 Fontainebleau



picture of Mary Benner
Mary Benner
University of Minnesota
picture of Yves Doz
Yves Doz
picture of Gary Dushnitsky
Gary Dushnitsky
London Business School
picture of Annabelle Gawer
Annabelle Gawer
University of Surrey
picture of Quy Huy
Quy Huy
picture of Michael G. Jacobides
Michael G. Jacobides
London Business School
picture of Karthik Kannan
Karthik Kannan
Purdue University
picture of Mahka Moeen
Mahka Moeen
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
picture of Satish Nambisan
Satish Nambisan
Case Western Reserve University
picture of Timothy Ott
Timothy Ott
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
picture of Hakan Ozalp
Hakan Ozalp
University of Amsterdam
picture of Brian Wu
Brian Wu
University of Michigan