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SMS Member Circle is the member-exclusive, online community for peer-to-peer networking, discussion, and collaboration. Current SMS Members can join "Circles" to stay informed and engage in SMS initiatives related to Interest Groups and Communities, Publications, PhD student interests, and more. Members can post, comment on, or browse a variety of resources, including articles, videos, collections, program opportunities, and events.

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SMS Interest Groups and Communities

Interest Groups and Communities (IG&C) are a catalyst for member activities and are an excellent way to engage with SMS. The 12 Interest Groups are organized to recognize major streams of practice and research and to serve the needs of members in specific topic areas. The two Communities focus on providing resources and a forum for members to advance their skills.


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Submit your research for publication in an SMS journal.

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Participate in a Conference

Submit your research, become a reviewer, or attend an upcoming SMS Conference.


The SMS Awards & Honors program recognizes individuals who have had a profound influence on the strategic management field through scholarly research, business innovation, teaching, or service.

Submit a Nomination

Submissions for the SMS Awards & Honors program are due on April 15. Learn about the requirements for consideration and nominate or apply.

SMS is proud to recognize individuals who have made lasting impacts on the field of strategic management.

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Leaders and Staff

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Research Funding Opportunities

The purpose of the SRF is to support and advance scholarship in the field of strategic management. Its core activity is the management and funding of competitive research grants for students and faculty. Currently, SRF grant opportunities include the Will Mitchell Dissertation Research Grant (WMDRG) and Research in Strategic Management (RSM) programs.