Innovative Strategies for an Open World

Organizational leaders today make strategy in an increasingly open world. Leaders face growing calls for transparency and accountability. Traditional hierarchies are including even more diverse voices and perspectives. Organizational boundaries are becoming increasingly permeable and fluid. Markets and industries are open to new competitive and disruptive forces. Sources of advantage are more visible and open business models are widespread.

Openness can deliver many benefits for organizations and society. In a knowledge-based economy characterized by competitive and dynamic markets, valuable insights and innovations are increasingly likely to come from the periphery of organizations rather than from managerial elites at the centre. The complexity of contemporary issues, and the proliferation of wicked problems, demands the inclusion of previously excluded viewpoints and enlisting stakeholders from outside traditional organizational boundaries.

Today’s Societal Grand Challenges require innovative partnerships across organizations and geographies if solutions are to be found and implemented. The SMS 42nd Annual Conference called for research contributions that will help organizations create innovative, sustainable, and resilient strategies for this more open world.

SMS 42nd Annual Conference: London

Conference Program Chairs

  • Jamie Cattell (IBM Corporation)
  • Anu Wadhwa (Imperial College London)
  • Richard Whittington (University of Oxford)

Meeting Date
September 17-20, 2022

Meeting City


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