The Strategic Management Society is the leading global member organization that fosters and supports rigorous and practice-engaged strategic management research and nurtures a vibrant and inclusive scholarly community.


The Strategic Management Society cultivates collaboration between academics and practitioners as a means of accelerating thought leadership in the field of strategic management. We nurture and disseminate cutting-edge research in order to advance the practice of strategic management, address economic challenges, and positively impact society around the world.

SMS Program Areas


SMS publishes three leading academic journals, Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Global Strategy Journal.


SMS Conferences promote the exchange of ideas among attending academics, business practitioners, and consultants.

Grant Funding

Proposals for the Will Mitchell Dissertation Research Grant (WMDRG) and Research in Strategic Management (RSM) programs are due each Fall.


SMS awards recognize individuals and research that make significant impacts on the field.


Virtual events and webinars stimulate conversation, engagement, and research around the world.

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SMS Membership

SMS is an individual member-based organization founded in 1981. Today, it enjoys the support of over 3,000 members, representing 1,100+ institutions and organizations in 70+ countries.

Member Spotlights

A picture of Heli Wang

Heli Wang

Singapore Management University

a photo of Ronaldo Parente

Ronaldo Parente

Florida International University

a photo of Brett Anitra Gilbert

Brett Anitra Gilbert

American University


Activities of the Society are made possible through the dedicated support of hundreds of individuals who take on a variety of responsibilities, volunteering their time and expertise.

SMS is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 14 members. Meet this year's members.

The SMS Executive Office Staff is headquartered in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Meet the team members who organize and facilitate SMS programs and initiatives.


SMS is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Governance of the Society is overseen by the Board of Directors while observing the Society’s bylaws and accompanying governing policies.

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Strategy research foundation

The Strategy Research Foundation (SRF) funds competitive grants that support research and advance scholarship in the field of strategic management.