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The Global Strategy Journal (GSJ), founded in 2011, is the leading journal on global strategic management research. It aims to shape the direction of conversations on the interaction between the global context and the strategy and strategic management of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The global strategic management domain encompasses the strategic management, organization, and success of multinational organizations; the bidirectional interaction of the global business environment and organizational strategies; comparative strategies in different national settings; and the comparative effect of regional and national contexts on the strategies of domestic and multinational organizations. It publishes double-blind reviewed and invited papers that offer innovative theoretical perspectives or provide tests of empirical relationships based on quantitative or qualitative analyses.

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GSJ’s domain is the study of the interaction between organizations’ global context and their strategies and strategic management. Organizations can be for-profit multinational enterprises, small and medium-sized firms, and non-governmental organizations. The effect of the global context includes activities taking place across national borders or in multiple countries, differences between multinational and local organizations in one country, and comparisons of activities across countries and of organizations originating in different countries. Strategy refers to the analysis of decisions and actions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives and improve its success.

GSJ is open to a diversity of theoretical or empirical approaches. It welcomes theoretical pieces that aim to extend current thinking and introduce new ideas, frameworks, or relationships explaining global strategic management. GSJ is open to any theoretical base and welcome studies linking strategic management and other disciplines, but the study’s focus must remain on global strategy. The effects of the international context need to be explicitly included in any conceptual modeling or analytical outcomes. GSJ is open to any type of empirical studies (large-sample quantitative analyses, small-number comparative studies, single case studies, simulations, etc.) that analyze any dimension of global strategy. Studies with data from one country are welcome as long as they analyze some global dimension of strategy (e.g., comparison of strategies of organizations from different nations, analyses of the international activities of organizations from one country, or studies on the influence of foreign activities on organizations). Studies with data from multiple country studies need to explicitly analyze the influence of some country characteristics on the behavior of organizations.

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All manuscripts considered for submission must be sent to GSJ's online submission site. For information as to the form of submission, including style and other submission guidelines, please click here.

Special Issues

Special Issues are an important part of the Global Strategy Journal (GSJ). Special Issues primarily focus on a single topic of relevance to the entrepreneurship field and have the potential of opening new ground for further research. View GSJ's Special Issues here.

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