Strategy in Transition

October 6-9, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic 

The upsurge in emerging markets around the world has resulted in profound transitional shifts in political, economic, and institutional systems. On the sectoral and industry levels, events such as the financial crises or environmental disasters are forcing government bodies around the world to re-assess their structural policies and introduce new types and forms of regulation. In this transitional environment, firms are competing to cope with these rapidly changing conditions, to become more sustainable in the long-term and propelling firms in all countries to unprecedented levels of innovation. These types of transitions call for new concepts and theories in strategy research, as well as new methodologies that are based on multilevel research. For the SMS 32nd Annual International Conference, we welcome you to Prague as we focus on the impact of strategy in transition.

Program Chairs

picture of Björn Ambos
Björn Ambos
University of St. Gallen
picture of Igor Filatotchev
Igor Filatotchev
King's College London
picture of Ondrej Landa
Ondrej Landa
Czech Society for Strategic Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Track Chairs

picture of Donald Bergh
Donald Bergh
University of Denver
picture of Timothy Devinney
Timothy Devinney
University of Manchester
picture of Jeffrey Harrison
Jeffrey Harrison
University of Richmond
picture of Glenn Hoetker
Glenn Hoetker
Melbourne Business School
picture of Tatiana Kostova
Tatiana Kostova
University of South Carolina
picture of Tomi Laamanen
Tomi Laamanen
University of St. Gallen
picture of Jeffrey Reuer
Jeffrey Reuer
University of Colorado, Boulder
picture of Frank T. Rothaermel
Frank T. Rothaermel
Georgia Institute of Technology
picture of Timo Santalainen
Timo Santalainen
Aalto University
picture of Stephen Tallman
Stephen Tallman
University of Richmond
picture of Christopher Tucci
Christopher Tucci
Imperial College London
picture of Patrick Wright
Patrick Wright
University of South Carolina
picture of Maurizio Zollo
Maurizio Zollo
Imperial College London

Additional Conference Committee Members

picture of Garry Bruton
Garry Bruton
Texas Christian University
picture of Gary Dushnitsky
Gary Dushnitsky
London Business School
picture of Sarah Kaplan
Sarah Kaplan
University of Toronto
picture of Hanna Lehtimaki
Hanna Lehtimaki
University of Eastern Finland
picture of Tomi Laamanen
Tomi Laamanen
University of St. Gallen
picture of Dovev Lavie
Dovev Lavie
Bocconi University
picture of Robert Nixon
Robert Nixon
University of Louisville
picture of Sotirios Paroutis
Sotirios Paroutis
University of Warwick
picture of Corey Phelps
Corey Phelps
University of Oklahoma
picture of Richard Priem
Richard Priem
Texas Christian University
picture of Taco Reus
Taco Reus
Erasmus University Rotterdam
picture of Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose
Indian Institute of Management Udaipur
picture of Karen Schnatterly
Karen Schnatterly
Virginia Tech
picture of Laszlo Tihanyi
Laszlo Tihanyi
Rice University
picture of Todd Zenger
Todd Zenger
University of Utah