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Dana Minbaeva
King’s College London


If you have a suggestion, comment, or an issue or concern for the Ombudsperson, please send an email to 

This email box is confidential and is only accessed by the Ombudsperson.

SMS Ombudsperson

In 2019 the SMS Board approved the creation of a new volunteer role at the SMS - an SMS Ombudsperson. The intent is to provide an additional channel of communication from membership to the SMS leadership, as recommended by the Special Committee on Inclusivity. More information about this role can be found below. 

We look forward to the continuing development of this new role and welcome your comments and feedback. 

Meet the SMS Ombudsperson

Dana Minbaeva is a Professor of Human Resource Management at King's Business School. Her research on strategic international HRM, knowledge sharing and transfer in multinational corporations has appeared in such top international journals as Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Human Resource Management, and many others. Professor Minbaeva published more than 50 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, numerous book chapters and reports. She received several national and international awards for research achievements and knowledge dissemination, including the prestigious JIBS Decade Award 2013. 

Professor Minbaeva has been working with Diversity & Inclusion initiatives in international academic associations such as the Academy of Management (HR Division), Academy of International Business and European Academy of International Business. She is a Vice-president of WAIB, a networking organization for women at the Academy of International Business. At SMS, Dana was a part of the special task force on Diversity and Inclusion that in 2018 delivered recommendations to the SMS Board.

About the SMS Ombudsperson Role

The responsibility of the ombudsperson is to voice concerns of SMS members and to bring them to the attention of the SMS leadership. The Ombudsperson receives and reviews concerns, suggestions and complaints, reviews them against already established rules, procedures, and practices, and, when outside established norms, investigates procedures and best practices as well as advises and mediates for all concerned.

A Special Committee on Inclusivity recommended the SMS create such a role to enhance informal communication, especially as the Society has grown in scope and diversity. 

The Ombudsperson's role is to act as an information communication channel between the Officers of the Society and members of the Society. This may involve in assisting in facilitating a resolution or to connect members and others to the appropriate channel for doing so. 

The first Ombudsperson was appointed by the SMS Board of Directors for an initial term of 2020-2022. After this initial term, it will be an elected position by SMS membership.

To become a candidate, an individual will need to be nominated by at least three members of SMS. The election process will follow the same timeline as for all SMS Elections, which take place online in the month of November. At least two candidates must stand for election.

Yes, an Ombudsperson may not serve more than two consecutive full terms.

No, a candidate or holder of this role cannot simultaneously serve in another leadership role at SMS.

An ideal candidate is a well-respected scholar who has served the Society in the past, is seen as accessible by Society members, and who cares deeply about how the Society serves its members.

Members can communicate with the Ombudsperson via email. Additionally, the SMS will create opportunities at conferences. We welcome your ideas for other mechanisms to communicate and interact with the Ombudsperson!