SMS Board of Directors

The organization is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 14 members. The membership annually elects three Directors-at-Large for three year terms. Every other year, the membership also elects a new President-Elect for a two year term. After the conclusion of the term as President-Elect, this individual becomes President for the following two years, and then Past-President for another two year term. The Board appoints a Treasurer and an Executive Director for terms of three years.

SMS Officers



picture of Africa Ariño
Africa Ariño
IESE Business School


picture of Russell Coff
Russell Coff
University of Wisconsin-Madison


picture of Tomi Laamanen
Tomi Laamanen
University of St. Gallen

Executive Director

picture of Eileen McCarthy
Eileen McCarthy
Strategic Management Society

SMS Directors-at-Large

Directors-at-Large, 2018-2020

picture of Will Mitchell
Will Mitchell
University of Toronto
picture of J Myles Shaver
J Myles Shaver
University of Minnesota
picture of Yan Anthea Zhang
Yan Anthea Zhang
Rice University

Directors-at-Large, 2019-2021

picture of Ruth Aguilera
Ruth Aguilera
Northeastern University
picture of Dovev Lavie
Dovev Lavie
Bocconi University
picture of George Stalk Jr
George Stalk Jr
The Boston Consulting Group

Directors-at-Large, 2020-2022

picture of Julian Birkinshaw
Julian Birkinshaw
London Business School
picture of Sharon Matusik
Sharon Matusik
University of Colorado, Boulder
picture of Heli Wang
Heli Wang
Singapore Management University

Board Committees

The Board of Directors typically comes together for two meetings per year to deliberate and make decisions on policies and other larger issues. Aside from these meetings, the Board works through committees that each cover important areas of SMS’ activities. Some of these committees help operate the organization across programs and activities (e.g. Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee), most committees though align with a particular program area (e.g. Publications, Conferences, Awards & Honors, Research Funding, Membership) and are active in the policy development and supervision of that particular activity within SMS.

The SMS bylaws make some prescriptions for officers to be part of certain committees, e.g. Treasurer to chair the Finance Committee. Other than those, Directors are appointed to committees by Board vote following a recommendation from the President. Most Directors are members of two committees. Some committees have additional members, who are not Directors, for example the Publications Committee has an editor from each journal as member. In general, Board committees review issues and come up with proposals in preparation of action by the Board.

2019 Committees

Awards and Honors Committee
Chair: Russell Coff
Julian Birkinshaw
Dovev Lavie
  Conference Committee
Chair: Julian Birkinshaw
Javier Gimeno
J Myles Shaver
George Stalk Jr
  Ethics Committee
Chair: Yan Anthea Zhang
Julian Birkinshaw
J Myles Shaver
Finance Committee
Chair: Tomi Laamanen
Africa Ariño
Marvin Lieberman
Sharon Matusik
Eileen McCarthy
  Membership Committee
Chair: Ruth Aguilera
Africa Ariño
Will Mitchell
George Stalk Jr
  Nominating Committee
Chair: Russell Coff
Dovev Lavie
Eileen McCarthy
Yan Anthea Zhang
Publications Committee
Chair: Marvin Lieberman
Ruth Aguilera
Javier Gimeno
Will Mitchell
Yan Anthea Zhang
  Research Committee
Chair: Will Mitchell
Tomi Laamanen
Dovev Lavie


Dana Minbaeva
Copenhagen Business School

SMS Leadership Archives

SMS Governing Documents

Interest Group and Community Leadership

We appreciate the dedication of our members that agree to serve as leaders of the SMS Interest Groups and Communities. As elected positions, these leaders promote the field of strategic management through different activities within their topical areas. 

Interest Groups

Behavioral Strategy IG

Competitive Strategy IG

Cooperative Strategy IG

Corporate Strategy IG

Entrepreneurship & Strategy IG

Global Strategy IG

Knowledge and Innovation IG

Stakeholder Strategy IG

Strategic Human Capital IG

Strategic Leadership & Governance IG

Strategy Practice IG

Strategy Process IG


Research Methods Community

Teaching Community