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AUGUST 15, 2018
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SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
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SEPTEMBER 22, 2018
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SEPTEMBER 22-25, 2018
Annual Conference in Paris

Experimenting with Experiments?
An Experiment Development Workshop

Saturday, September 22, 2018
09:00 - 12:00 h

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche - Studio G+H

co-sponsored by Behavioral Strategy Interest Group and Research Methods Community

Workshop Information

Although strategy researchers are using experimental methods more frequently, many are finding that the approach is in many ways opposite of traditional large dataset methods used in the field. For example, unlike large dataset studies, experiments do not usually require sophisticated statistics on the backend, but they do benefit from careful planning and pilot testing on the frontend. Additionally, while traditional big dataset approaches benefit from testing many variables simultaneously, experiments work best when a few variables are tested. As a result, strategy researchers trained in traditional methods have a different methodological view of the world than experiments require! This workshop attempts to pull back the curtain on experimental methods, by allowing participants to benefit from the successes and failures of strategy scholars who regularly use this approach in their research. During the first hour of the workshop, participants will listen to panelist presentations on topics such as typical Issues in experimental design or field experiments, and publishing experiments in strategy journals. The next two hours of the workshop will be devoted to roundtable discussions during which participants will receive feedback on their own 1-page descriptions of a future or current experiment they submitted prior to the workshop, and will have a chance to ask additional questions about experimental methods.

Application Requirement

Applications are required for this workshop. To be considered for this workshop, applicant should submit the following materials as a single document through the workshop website:

  • CV
  • 1-page description of a future or current experiment that includes:
    • Dependent Variable(s) you want to examine
    • Experimental IVs you want to vary
    • Covariates that you need to understand and deal with if it is quasi-experimental design
    • Indicate whether your experiment is based on the tradition of general strategy, behavioral economics, or psychology
    • Classify your experiment as a lab or field experiment

Accepted applicants will need to confirm their attendance by registering for the workshop by September 1, 2018. Saturday Workshops at the Annual Conference are included in the registration for the Annual Conference. Participants in workshops must be registered for the Annual Conference.

Workshop Organizer

picture of Libby Weber
Libby Weber
University of California, Irvine

Panelists and Facilitators

Stefan Billinger, University of Southern Denmark

Timothy Devinney, Leeds University

Daniella Laureiro-Martinez, ETH Zurich

Geoff Kistruck, York University

Libby Weber, University of California, Irvine