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Kimberly Eddleston
Northeastern University
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Rania Labaki
EDHEC Business School
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Torsten Pieper
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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Family Business – Balancing Globalization and Localization

Hosted at EDHEC Business School

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


The 2018 SMS Conference Extension is a continuation of the previous three SMS Family Business Extensions held at Kennesaw State University (USA) in 2013, IESE Business School (Spain) in 2014, and in Colorado Springs (USA) in 2015. Like in previous years, the 2018 Family Business Extension will bring together a panel of leading strategy scholars, prominent family business researchers interested in strategy’s applications to family firms, and practitioners who work in and with family businesses.

Family firms are often torn between their local roots and their desire and need for growth beyond regional markets.  While family firms tend to have strong connections to their home regions, at the same time, many family firms successfully compete amongst global players in the international marketplace (examples include Dassault, Merck, Hoffmann La Roche, Pernod Ricard, or SC Johnson, to mention a few).  In addition, for those family firms that primarily focus on their domestic market, many are finding that they need to defend their market share against foreign entrants.  No longer can family firms isolate themselves from the effects of globalization.  The diversity with which family firms embrace and contend with globalization and localization therefore makes them an ideal population to explore the dynamics of ‘going global’ and ‘staying local.’

The purpose of this year’s SMS Family Business Extension is to bring together diverse perspectives on globalization and localization to encourage debate across multiple disciplines to: (1) advance our understanding of family firms’ distinctive opportunities and challenges prompted by the duality between being deeply rooted in local communities, cultures, and networks while exploring new opportunities for their expansion and entrepreneurship in the global marketplace; and (2) develop insights that might help family business owners and managers, as well as policy makers and professionals engaged with family firms, to effectively manage the nexus between globalization and localization so as to build competitive advantages to sustain firm growth and performance over multiple generations.

Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, September 26

8:30: Coffee and Refreshments / Registration
9:00: Welcome and Introductions
9:15: Keynote 1
10:00: Panel Discussion 1: Reflections from Academics, Family Business Managers and Practitioners
10:45: Coffee Break
11:00:  Workshops
12:00: Debrief
12:15: Lunch
13:30: Family Business Visit
15:00: Refreshment Break
15:15: Panel Discussion 2
16:15: Keynote 2
17:00: Closing
19:00: Dinner for those who stay overnight including a boat cruise and guided tour along the Seine River (optional, limited seats)


We are pleased to be hosting this extension at EDHEC Business School.

EDHEC Business School
16-18 Rue du 4 Septembre
75002 Paris, France

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picture of Fabian Bernhard
Fabian Bernhard
EDHEC Business School
picture of James Combs
James Combs
University of Central Florida
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Alfredo De Massis
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
picture of David Deeds
David Deeds
University of St. Thomas
picture of Igor Filatotchev
Igor Filatotchev
King's College London
picture of Melissa Graebner
Melissa Graebner
University of Texas at Austin
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G. T. Lumpkin
University of Oklahoma
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Marc van Essen
University of South Carolina
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Alain Verbeke
University of Calgary
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Justin Webb
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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David Woehr
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
picture of Yan Anthea Zhang
Yan Anthea Zhang
Rice University