Sharing Strategies for the Connected World

Firms employ innovative strategies for sharing financial, informational, and capital assets. While sharing has always been at the heart of strategic management, the proliferation of sharing-enabling technologies and the corresponding sharing business models give rise to unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Five of the ten largest publicly traded companies either employ a sharing business model or develop sharing technologies while the previously gigantic energy firms have lost their central position. Firms employing sharing strategies call into question the viability of traditional service business models. Innovative shared-risk initiatives such as crowd funding, and the sharing of ideas through open innovation and purpose-based innovation communities, further challenge our conception of funding, innovating and organizing. The conference created an arena for sharing new and innovative conceptions of innovation and entrepreneurship, intra-firm organizing and inter-firm arrangements. As Norway has been implementing an unequivocal, comprehensive and prosperous sharing strategy, and was rated the 'best place to live' for the 12th year in a row by the UN Human Development Index, it was an excellent backdrop for us to explore strategic management facets of the sharing economy.


NOVEMBER 27, 2017
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DECEMBER 1, 2017
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FEBRUARY 28, 2018
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JUNE 7, 2018
Doctoral Workshop in Oslo
JUNE 7-9, 2018
SMS Special Conference in Oslo

Oslo Information

We were excited to hold a Special Conference in the lively city of Oslo, beautifully situated at the end of the Oslo Fjord. Click here to learn more about this destination!

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Oslo Conference News

We were pleased to partner with BI Norwegian Business School for this Special Conference in Oslo. For more information on the school please visit their website here.

SMS Oslo Best Paper Prize, organized by the GSJ

We were proud to recognize the below authors at the Special Conference in Oslo for the research they presented.

Prize Winner:

Outside-In or Inside-Out? The Local Embeddedness of Crowdfunding Campaigns
By: Stephan Manning, Madeleine Rauch, and Stanislav Vavilov

Honorable Mentions:

For Which Incumbents are Digital Platforms Really a Threat? The Role of Asset Ownership
By: Tim Meyer and Carmelo Cennamo

Adaptation in Replicating Organizations: How Augmentation and Incomplete Replication Affect Unit Performance
By: Dimo Ringov, Haibo Liu, and Gabriel Szulanski

We'd also like to thank the Award Director, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra for coordinating this process!

Images of Oslo, Norway

Conference Photos

We hope you enjoyed your time att he conference and in Oslo! We have uploaded some images of the conference to the website. Click below to view them!

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