AUGUST 7, 2019
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SEPTEMBER 17, 2019
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OCTOBER 19, 2019
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OCTOBER 19-22, 2019
SMS Annual Conference in Minneapolis

The Interplay of Competition and Cooperation

Saturday, October 19, 2019
13:00h – 16:00h

(Lunch provided for all workshop participants: 12:00 - 13:00)

Workshop Application Deadline: August 7, 2019

co-sponsored by Competitive Strategy and Cooperative Strategies Interest Groups

Workshop Information

Objectives: Responding to the rapidly increasing interest in the new area of strategic management, the interplay of competition and cooperation, this workshop brings together a panel of prominent scholars operating at the forefront of this field to (a) provide collective insights on the development and future directions of this evolving field, (b) provide specific feedback to interested scholars on their current works in progress in this area.

Background and Importance: Competition and cooperation, two central streams of strategic management have traditionally evolved independently, despite the prevalence of simultaneous competition and cooperation. The inaugural SMJ CFPs in 2015 on “The Interplay of Competition and Cooperation” and the publication of this special issue in 2018 signify the integration of these two streams and the official “emergence” of this new theme in strategic management. The special issue has successfully spurred great interest in this field, yet it is still at its “genesis” stage.

While this special issue covers certain important themes, e.g., antecedents, consequences, tension, and nature of the interplay, many more areas have been left un-explored for the future (Hoffmann, Lavie, Reuer, & Shipilov, 2018), and some fundamental concepts and boundaries remain to be further clarified and constructed. This workshop would be instrumental at this stage of the field by provoking conversations necessary to calibrate these important aspects for further fostering this emerging area.

Format: In the first part of the workshop, guest editors of the SMJ special issue will review the development of this field, and discuss its future directions. In the second part of the workshop, other panelists will share insights and discuss their perspectives of this field. In the last part of the workshop, participants will receive feedback from panelists as well as provide feedback to each other in roundtable discussions.


picture of Ming-Jer Chen
Ming-Jer Chen
University of Virginia
picture of Giovanni Battista Dagnino
Giovanni Battista Dagnino
University of Rome LUMSA
picture of Devi Gnyawali
Devi Gnyawali
Virginia Tech
picture of Brian Silverman
Brian Silverman
University of Toronto


picture of Victor Cui
Victor Cui
University of Manitoba

Application Requirements

Applications are required for this workshop. To be considered for this workshop, applicants should submit the following in a single PDF to the corresponding application box on the workshop website:

  • Current CV
  • 2-page summary of the paper that you would like to receive feedback on
  • Indicate which of the following six themes is the most relevant to your study

Topics of Interest: The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, (1) antecedents, processes, and consequences of cooperating with competitors, (2) value creation and appropriation, (3) the sequential evolution of collaboration and competition, (4) capabilities and organization for supporting coopetition, (5) cooperation and competition networks, and (6) managing the tension between competition and cooperation (for more information, please refer to Hoffmann, et al., 2018).

Applications must be submitted online by August 7, 2019. Proposasl will be selected based on fitness to the theme of the workshop. Applicants will be notified of decisions in late August. Accepted applicants will need to confirm their attendance by registering for the workshop by September 17, 2019. Saturday Workshops at the Annual Conference are included in the registration for the Annual Conference. Participants in workshops must be registered for the Annual Conference.