NOVEMBER 15, 2018
Application Deadline
DECEMBER 17-18, 2018
India Scholar-Practitioner Workshop
DECEMBER 15-18, 2018
SMS India Special Conference in Hyderabad

SMS India Special Conference in Hyderabad Scholar-Practitioner Workshop

Monday, December 17-Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Academic Centre, Level 2, AC8 Board Room

Workshop Overview

The Scholar-Practitioner Workshop will bring together thoughtful practitioners and academics on one platform to exchange views on the interdependence of practice and scholarship in the field of strategic management. The Workshop invites executives in the field of strategy and HR who are engaged in some form of applied scholarship in their workplace and are open to engaging with business school academics, in advancing the frontiers of research and teaching in strategic management (corporate strategy, business development, entrepreneurship, international business, strategic human capital, corporate governance, leadership).  We are looking at two groups: (1) those pursuing a PhD part-time along with their executive jobs, typically at middle-management levels; (2) those with advanced degrees working in consulting/strategy/HR-related areas and wanting to engage in thought leadership.

The Workshop will provide a platform to exchange views on the interdependence of practice and scholarship in the field of strategic management. Part-time PhD students will learn about opportunities for doing ‘practice-driven’ research and maximizing the impact of their work. Full-time executives will get to forge partnerships and learn to conduct more rigorous applied research that decision making more informed and evidence based.

The day will be divided into 2 segments. Pre-lunch sessions will have one talk by an eminent scholar, followed by a talk by a business leader (CEO/Strategy Head), followed by a panel discussion on how to bring the scholarship and practice together. Post-lunch sessions will be in the form of small group discussions, each co-facilitated by a scholar and a practitioner to chart out an agenda for scholar-practitioners in India. Deep-dive topics may include:

  • Engaging with practice: challenges and opportunities for scholars,
  • Engaging with scholarship: challenges and opportunities for practitioners
  • Publishing in practice-oriented journals
  • Converting real-life experiences into research output

What can you gain by spending your three days at the conference?

  • Networking Meet likeminded fellow thought leaders from industry and academia who share your passion for knowledge and insight
  • Reflection Take time away from your busy schedule to reflect and organize your insights for impact
  • Learning Work with Internationally renowned scholars who have an interest in Indian business management
  • Co-creation Avail an opportunity to co-create your research project in corporate strategy and general management with international academics

Program highlights include the following and many more:

  1. Five plenary sessions led by leading academics from across the globe and CEOs presenting on some cutting edge research, big ideas to tackle emerging challenges in today’s business;
  2. A unique Scholar-Practitioner Track, where you participate along with leading thought leaders from industry and academia to think through what it takes to be a thought leader, and also shape your “big idea” along with them.
  3. Participate in four research presentation sessions based on your choice out of two dozen options, which will get you in tune with what’s going on in academia in your field of interest.
  4. Two breakfast consultative sessions – meeting with a leading academic in strategic management and exploring some new ideas for your business.

Attendance in the conference is by invitation only and involves a registration (We have specially provided an extended deadline for enabling many busy executives who want to join). Four or more executives from the same company will be registering at a group rate of US$2,000.

We have also made provisions so that you to bring along your ‘problem statements’ for brainstorming with reputed scholars in the field and take back specific action/ research agenda. (please see the guidelines for sending your problem statement along with the registration on the site.) Please register before November 15th 2018

A detailed program with details of speakers and sessions will be sent out to the participants.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit (i) your CV and (ii) a short statement (one page maximum) to share a big idea that you would like to develop further. This can be a way you have solved a major problem at the work place as a practicing manager/leader. It can also be an area where you are passionate about sharing the knowledge with a wider community of business leaders and academic scholars. Your problem narrative may fall within any of the following 4 illustrative scenarios:


Scenario 1. You may be facing either routine or unique problems and situations in your organization, for which you maybe looking for ideas on how to address or understand those using academic insights. You are looking to explore the world of ‘scholar participants’ and the type of questions they seek to answer through varied methods. You may just be wanting to share your experience and insights with ‘scholar participants’ to compare and contrast the approach that you take as a practicing manager vis-à-vis academic scholars.

Scenario 2. You have loads of experience and rely largely on your judgment and gut to take decisions. However, you are now faced with too much ‘disruptive’ stuff around and/or some of your decisions in recent past seem to be failing on the ground- you now have the need to evaluate many factors before you take decisions- you know the problem but are not yet sure of which hypothesis to frame, how to check for any data on the ground and how to use some form of ‘research’ to make a better decision.

Scenario 3. You have some hypotheses based on your gut and experience? You ‘feel’ like testing them against some data on the ground before taking a decision? However, you are not sure which data to check, what will be the ‘right’ method to set up an experiment or a survey, how should you analyze the data to get to some reliable conclusions. In this scenario, you can consult and work closely with your fellow participants during and after the workshop in learning what could be appropriate applied research strategy to test your hypotheses.

Scenario 4. You have already framed your research question and hypothesis. You have already defined the data and evidence that you should look for to ‘test’ your hypothesis? You have conducted some experiments and field study You have some conclusions and are about to decide on one course of action. And you want to leverage the learning and experience of the ‘scholar participants’ in the workshop to bounce your approach, have them critique your method and tell you if it was appropriate to reach reliable conclusions


We are aware that reality is more nuanced than any of the above illustrative scenarios. However, please treat this note as a guide to what you can come up with and do send us your write-up in whatever form you can. For any further clarification, please send an email  to the workshop directors. They will guide you further.

All application materials must be submitted by November 15, 2018. Decisions will be communicated after the deadline.

Workshop Directors

picture of Sripada Chandrasekhar
Sripada Chandrasekhar
Indian School of Business
picture of Amit Karna
Amit Karna
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
picture of Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar
University of Sydney
picture of Ravi Ramamurti
Ravi Ramamurti
Northeastern University