We ask that authors submit their proposal using our online submission system. 

We ask that all authors follow the submission guidelines for their proposal.  If these guidelines are not followed, the submission runs the risk of being desk-rejected.

The deadline to submit a proposal is May 8, 2018.

Yes; you can be named as an author or co-author on no more than 2 proposals.


A Paper Session is composed of 3 - 4 proposals that are presented sequentially by their author(s), with a short amount of time allotted for audience members to ask questions.

  • The the session will include at least one author of each proposal, a session chair, and audience members. Sometimes, the session chair is one of the presenting authors.
  • Each session will last for 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Each presenting author will have a maximum of 12 minutes for their presentation. The remaining time will be used for discussion.
  • To ensure that there is sufficient time for discussion with the audience, it is important that authors do not exceed the allotted presentation time.
  • LCD projectors will be available in each room, presenters will have to bring their presentation on a memory stick or upload it to the conference website ahead of time.
  • Presenters will be able to upload their presentation and/or handout and make it available for download to other conference attendees.

A common ground session is an interactive discussion between the author(s), audience members and a facilitator, centered around one common theme.

  • Each session will last 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • A common ground session consists of at least one author of each of the proposals (there are typically 5-6 proposals in each session), a facilitator, and audience members. The facilitator is not an author on one of the 6 proposals.
  • The common ground sessions will be chaired and facilitated by known scholars in the session's topic. It is the responsibility of these facilitators to allocate time among participants and lead a productive discussion.
  • To ensure sufficient time for interaction, the facilitator will ask for an initial 3-4 minutes summary presentation of a presenter's study focusing only on the main motivations and findings of each paper. We want the time to be structured as a conversation (i.e., short interventions, highly interactive), not as a sequence of monologues.
  • Overhead projectors or PowerPoint presentations will not be used. Authors, however, are encouraged to bring a one-page summary of their theory or their findings, as the case may be. This handout may contain an executive summary of the paper, some figures or tables that are important, or some PowerPoint slides printed in handout form. These handouts will be the main visual aids used during these short presentations.
  • We will ask presenters to upload an electronic version of their handouts for posting on the conference website. This will allow the facilitators and other session participants to download the handouts before the conference to open more opportunities for discussion and feedback.

Due to the complexity of constructing the conference schedule, it is very difficult for us to accommodate special requests.  We do recognize that once in a while there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a presenter from being available on a specific day.  In cases like these, please email the SMS Executive Office and let us know of your constraints and we will make an effort to take them into consideration when building the schedule.

Conference Registration

Conference registration will open in July, 2018.

Yes, current SMS members receive a reduction on their registration fee.

Yes; there is a student registration option.

You can request an invitation letter by contacting the SMS Executive Office at Please be aware that visa issuance is outside of our control and often requires considerable time and effort from you.
Visa requirements are set by the country you plan to visit. It is your responsibility to check entry requirements with the consular officials of the countries to be visited well in advance of your trip. Please note, the SMS cannot guarantee the issuance of a visa.