Strategic Human Capital Workshop

Saturday, October 28, 2017

13:00-16:00 h


AUGUST 15, 2017
Workshop Application Deadline
Notification of Acceptance
SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
Workshop Pre-Registration Deadline
OCTOBER 28, 2017
OCTOBER 28-31,2017
SMS 37th Annual Conference in Houston

Call for Applicantions

Workshop Information

This half-day workshop is intended for junior scholars (i.e., doctoral students and junior faculty) and will include two components:


A) Paper Development Session (1hr15min)

This breakout session will provide opportunities for junior scholar participants to discuss and receive feedback on their research in an informal setting. As part of the application process, participants will submit a working paper. The workshop organizers will assign participants’ papers to groups of about three papers each, based on similarity in topic and/or methodology. Prior to the workshop, participants in each group will receive one another’s papers and will prepare comments and feedback on the other papers in their group. They will exchange feedback during the paper development portion of the workshop, with each group's discussion being facilitated by one or more senior scholar(s) familiar with the topic or method in question.


B) Senior Faculty Panel (1hr30min)

Senior faculty panelists will discuss critical aspects of the research and publication process, ways to craft a successful research program, future directions in strategic human capital research, and other questions of concern for junior scholars in this area. 

Submission Requirements

To apply to participate in the workshop, please upload one document that includes to following items on the workshop website by August 15, 2017:

  1. Your current CV
  2. A current working paper on which they would like to receive feedback at the workshop 

Applicants will be notified by August 31, 2017. 

Discussants and Panelists

Paper Discussants for this workshop include the following individuals: 

  • Gina Dokko
  • Anthony Nyberg
  • Tomasz Obloj
  • Greg Reilly 

Seniior Faculty Panelists for this workshop include the following inidividuals: 

  • Wendy Boswell
  • Clint Chadwick
  • Patrick Wright 

Workshop Directors

picture of Shad Morris
Shad Morris
Brigham Young University
picture of Thomas P. Moliterno
Thomas P. Moliterno
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
picture of Rebecca Kehoe
Rebecca Kehoe
Cornell University