The Latest on the Interplay of Competition and Cooperation

co-sponsored by Cooperative Strategies IG & Competitive Strategy IG

Saturday, October 28, 2017

13:00-16:00 h 

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To ensure high quality of interaction, the workshop will be limited. Pre-registration by September 15, 2017 is required.

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
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OCTOBER 28, 2017
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OCTOBER 28-31, 2017
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Workshop Information

Although competition and cooperation have traditionally been considered separate modes of interaction between firms, scholars have begun to acknowledge that firms simultaneously engage in competition and cooperation with each other. Nevertheless, most of the accumulated research on cooperative strategy has not been integrated with literature on competitive strategy, and the interplay of competition and cooperation has remained under-researched. To address this opportunity SMJ has launched a call for a Special Issue on The Interplay of Competition and Cooperation. The themes of the special issue covered the following:

(1) Antecedents, processes, and consequences of cooperating with competitors

(2) Value creation versus value appropriation in competition and cooperation

(3) The dynamics by which competition drives cooperation and vice versa

(4) Network analysis of the coevolution of competition and cooperation

(5) Coopetition, organization, and capabilities.

The objectives of the proposed workshop are to nurture a community of scholars with interest in the interplay of competition and cooperation by showcasing the papers that ended up as finalists for the SMJ Special Issue and by fostering open discussion among interested scholars with the aim of identifying remaining opportunities for future research and beginning to explore these opportunities.

The workshop organizers will start by providing an introduction to the topic and an overview of the themes. The panelists will then present the 9 papers that are finalists for the SMJ Special Issue. The organizers will identify remaining directions for future research. This will be followed by round-table discussion of the five themes. Participants will be pre-assigned to tables based on their preferences and will be given the opportunity to receive feedback on their current work-in-progress. Each table will have a representative reporting to the audience about the key insights that came up in discussion. The facilitator will lead an open discussion of the themes with the audience, emphasizing opportunities for future research.

Workshop Facilitator and Potential Panelists

Workshop Facilitator: Giovanni Battista Dagnino (University of Catania)

Workshop Potential Panelists:Workshop Potential Panelists: Birgul Arslan  (Koç University), Navid Asgari (Fordham University), Alessio Cozzolino (University College Dublin), Victor Cui (University of Manitoba), Jeff Dyer (Brigham Young University), Kathleen Eisenhardt (Stanford University), Casey J. Frid (Pace University), Tera Galloway (Illinois State University), Anindya Ghosh (IIB), Douglas Hannah (University of Texas at Austin), Bill Hesterly  (University of Utah), Annelore Huyghe (City, University of London), Alex Makarevich (ESADE Business School), Blake D. Mathias (Louisiana State University), Will Mitchell (University of Toronto), Ram Ranganathan (University of Texas Austin), Jeffrey Reuer (University of Colorado, Boulder), Lori Rosenkopf (University of Pennsylvania), Frank T. Rothaermel (Georgia Institute of Technology), Harbir Singh (University of Pennsylvania), Kulwant Singh (National University of Singapore), Vivek Tandon (Temple University), Ilan Vertinsky (University of British Columbia) and Haibin Yang (City University of Hong Kong).


Workshop Organizers

picture of Dovev Lavie
Dovev Lavie
Bocconi University
picture of Jeffrey Reuer
Jeffrey Reuer
University of Colorado, Boulder

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