Strategic Leadership & Governance Interest Group
Paper Development Workshop

Saturday, October 28, 2017 

13:00-16:00 h 

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Workshop Information

The Strategic Leadership & Governance Interest Group is offering a half-day Ph.D. Candidate & Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop at the 2017 Strategic Management Society meeting in Houston, Texas. Although all members of the IG are invited to participate, preference will be given to advanced Ph.D. candidates (those who have defended their dissertation proposals) and junior faculty (within three years of graduation).

Our workshop will commence with a paper development session offering participants the opportunity to discuss their work in small groups, in a round table format.  Participants in each group (consisting of the authors of 3 to 4 papers with a common theme or methodology) will exchange feedback during this portion of the program. Experienced strategic leadership and governance scholars will facilitate each group discussion.

Immediately following the paper development session, a panel of strategic leadership and governance scholars will discuss important aspects of the research process, including publication advice, the role of the reviewer, and developing a research stream beyond the dissertation.  A Q&A session will follow.

Workshop Facilitators

The following individuals will be facilitators for this workshop: 

  • Steve Boivie (Texas A&M University)
  •  Xavier Castaner (University of Lausanne)
  • Cindy Devers (Texas A&M University)
  • Scott Graffin (University of Georgia)
  •  Dawn Harris (Loyola University Chicago)
  •  Mike Mannor (University of Notre Dame),
  • Gerry McNamara (Michigan State University)
  • Markus Menz (University of Geneva)
  • Timothy Quigley (University of Georgia)
  • Mike Withers (Texas A&M University)
  • David Zhu (Arizona State University)

Submission Requirements

To apply to participate in the workshop, please upload one document that includes the following items by August 15, 2017. 

  1. A short (1-paragraph) summary of why you would like to be part of the workshop
  2. Your current CV
  3. The manuscript that you wish to receive feedback on.

Space in the workshop is limited, in order to ensure high-quality interactions. Therefore, by submitting an application, you commit to attend the workshop if selected and to prepare written feedback on the other papers in your group. 

Workshop Organizers

picture of Cynthia E Devers
Cynthia E Devers
Virginia Tech
picture of Scott Graffin
Scott Graffin
University of Georgia
picture of Dawn Harris
Dawn Harris
Loyola University Chicago
picture of Mike Mannor
Mike Mannor
University of Notre Dame
picture of Michael Withers
Michael Withers
Texas A&M University