Competitive Strategy Junior Faculty Professional Development Workshop

Saturday, October 28, 2017

9:00-12:00 h

Pre-Registration Requirement

To ensure high quality of interaction, the workshop will be limited. Pre-registration by September 15, 2017 is required.

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Workshop Dates

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
Worskhop Participant Pre-Registration Deadline
OCTOBER 28, 2017
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OCTOBER 28-31, 2017
SMS 37th Annual Conference in Houston

Workshop Information

The theme for this year’s workshop is ‘All About Journal Reviews’, and will focus on the journal review process from two perspectives – authors’ and reviewers’. It will feature discussions on how to manage the R&R process as authors, as well as on how to provide high quality reviews as reviewers. Leading the discussions will be a panel of respected scholars serving as editors or editorial board members at top journals in our field. Each panelist will present for about 10-15 mins, and the rest of the time will be allocated to discussions, Q&A sessions, and a coffee break that allows further interactions. This workshop is meant to be interactive, in a way that we believe is helpful for junior faculty.


The following Scholars will be panelists for this workshop:

  • Connie Helfat
  • Will Mitchell
  • Francisco Polidoro
  • Tomasz Obloj
  • Hart Posen
  • Martin Ganco
  • Felipe Csaszar

Workshop Organizers

picture of PuayKhoon Toh
PuayKhoon Toh
University of Texas at Austin
picture of Elena Vidal
Elena Vidal
City University of New York

Call for Participants