Bridging Modeling and Empirical Research in Behavioral Strategy

Saturday, October 28, 2017

13:00-16:00 h 

Pre-Workshop Survey and Pre-Registration

Participants are strongly encouraged to submit, though this link:, their motivation/research interests and their preference for illustrations of synergies between specific empirical methods and modeling paradigms so that the organizers/speakers can customize the content; no prior modeling experience is required.

In addition to completing the above survey, please pre-register for the workshop by September 15, 2017. 

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Workshop Dates

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
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OCTOBER 28, 2017
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OCTOBER 28-31, 2017
SMS 37th Annual Conference in Houston

Workshop Information

Research in behavioral strategy has roots in both formal behavioral models as well as empirical research using both field and experimental data. However, increasing specialization in both training and journals has over time driven a wedge between the modeling and empirical approaches. How can qualitative, large sample and experimental research inform and be informed by formal models that build on behaviorally grounded assumptions? We focus on this question targeting empirical researchers with interest in such cross-fertilization and those with an early stage interest in modeling.


The first part of the workshop is to elaborate on effective approaches for combining models and data by reviewing exemplary published research. The second part of the workshop allows participants to experience various approaches that bring empirics and models together. Roundtables discuss ways to address these questions, e.g., how empirical approaches can both inform the assumptions formalized in the models and be used to test the alternative explanations.


Panliests for this workshop will include: 

  • Henrich Greve, INSEAD
  •  Christina Fang, New York University
  • Phanish Puranam, INSEAD
  • Hazhir Rahmandad, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Workshop Organizers

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