Past Special Conferences

July 2007 - Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Launch Conference

Generously supported by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

May 2007 - Catania, Italy

New Frontiers in Entrepreneurship: Strategy, Governance, and Evolution

Program Chairs: Robert E Hoskisson, Giovanni Battista Dagnino, David B Audretsch and Rosario Faraci

May 2007 - Shanghai, China

Successful Strategies in Chinese Markets (Chinese Firms and Foreign MNCs) and International Markets (Chinese Firms)

Program Chairs: Seung Ho "Sam" Park, Li Kouqing, Haiyang Li and Mike Peng

Additional Past Special Conferences

Strategic Management in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom

Program Chairs: Robert Hoskisson, Chung Ming Lau, Yuan Lu, and Mike Wright

Innovating Strategy Processes: Concepts, Experiences, and Experiments

Program Chairs: Steven W. Floyd and Johan Roos

Entrepreneurship and New Technologies in Latin America: Striking a Balance between the Desirable and the Feasible

Program Chairs: Arnold Cooper, Ian MacMillan, and Alejandro Carrera

Plurality, Perspectives and Paradoxes in Strategy: How Does a Strategist Think - And Does it Really Make a Difference?

Program Chair: Bob de Wit

New Thinking about Mergers and Acquisitions Management

Program Chairs: Amy Pablo and Mansour Javidan

Shaping, Implementing and Changing Strategies

Program Chairs: Bala Chakravarthy and Peter Lorange