Past Annual Conferences

The Challenges of Non-Market Influences on Market Strategies
Program Chairs: Peter Smith Ring

Strategy And Govenance In A World Of institutional Change
Program Co-Chairs: Javier Gimeno, Jens Schaedler, & Peter Smith Ring

Strategic Management: Achievements and Opportunities
Program Co-Chairs: Irene M Duhaime, Carl W Stern, & Javier Gimeno

Strategic Balance: Driving Innovation and Maintaining Performance
Program Co-Chairs: Patricia Gorman Clifford & Steven W Floyd

Intersections: Strategy Across Conventional Bounderies
Program Co-Chairs: Rita Gunther McGrath & Bertrand G Shelton

Old Barriers Crumbling, New Barriers Rising
Program Co-Chairs: René Abate & Karel Cool

Reinventing Strategic Management - Old Truths and New Insights
Program Co-Chairs: Rich Bettis & Derek Dean

Strategy in the Entrepreneurial Millennium: New Winners, New Business Models, New Voices
Program Co-Chairs: Raffi Amit, Charles E Lucier & Bertrand G Shelton

Winning Strategies in a Deconstructing World
Program Chairs: Dieter Heuskel & Rudi K F Bresser

Tailoring Strategy - One Size Does Not Fit All
Program Chair: Kevin Coyne

Managing in an Interconnected World
Program Chair: Joan E Ricart

Competing in the New Economy: Managing Out of Bounds
Program Chairs: Gary Hamel & C K Prahalad

Strategic Discovery: Opening New Worlds
Program Chair: Raul Alvarado

Strategy Styles: Management Systems, Types and Paradigms
Program Chair: Michel Ghertman

Integrating Strategy
Program Chair: Edward Zajac

Strategic Renaissance: The Transformation of Economic Enterprise
Program Chair: James Kelly

The Greening of Strategy – Sustaining Performance
Program Chairs: David Hurst & Rod White

Strategic Bridging: To Meet the Challenges of the Nineties
Program Chairs: Leif Melin & Hans-Olof Hagén

Strategies for Innovation
Program Chair: Robert Harris

Winning Strategies for the 1990's
Program Chair: Jan Eppink

Strategy: Prospect and Retrospect
Program Chairs: Joseph Bower & Andrall Pearson

Cultures and Competitive Strategies
Program Chairs: Peter FitzRoy & Gordon Redding

The Essence of Strategic Management
Program Chair: Eduard Ballarin

Targeting Strategies
Program Chair: Peter Lorange

Making Strategy Work
Program Chair: Dominiquie Heau

Exploring the Strategy-Making Process
Program Chairs: Henry Mintzberg & Marianne Jelinek

Global Strategic Management in the 1980's
Program Chairs: Derek Channon & Hugh Parker