School of Management Zhejiang University

We are pleased to partner with the School of Management at Zhejiang University for the 2020 SMS Special Conference in Hangzhou! The School is a leading business school and a pioneer in business education in Mainland China. The rapidly growing regional economy and the extensive disciplinary features of the University underpin the School’s development, and the School is particularly renowned in innovation and entrepreneurship management. Located in the most entrepreneurial region of China, the School is immersed in a thriving innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere.

The School’s academic reputation is determined by the quality and relevance of the research that has brought about remarkable changes in current and future business practices. While continuing to develop and support our differentiating areas of excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship, the School is also heading for emerging research areas, such as big data, internet finance, smart healthcare management, neuro-decision, neuro-marketing, etc.

Located in northwest Hangzhou, Zijingang (literally meaning “purple golden port”) is the main campus where first- and second-year undergraduates study. It hosts the administrative offices of 11 schools/colleges, including Civil Engineering and Architecture, International Studies, Life Sciences, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, and Management.

School of Management Zhejiang University
866 Yuhangtang Road
Zhejiang, China