City Information for Frankfurt, Germany

The SMS is excited to hold this Special Conferencein in Frankfurt, Germany! As a destination, its financial, business, and institutional clout has grown alongside the German economy. This combination of cosmopolitan flair and local staples will provide an excellent backdrop for the conference.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Eiserner Steg

60311 Frankfurt am Main - Innenstadt

This famous iron and concrete footbridge, crossed by over 10,000 pedestrians every day, connects the city centre and Römerberg with Sachsenhausen on the southern banks of the Main River. The neo-Gothic-style bridge was built in 1869 according to the plans of Peter Schmick.


Frankfurt's Botanical Gardens

Siesmayerstraße 61
60323 Frankfurt am Main - Westend-Süd

Here, guests experience flora from a variety of climate zones within a park area of over 20 hectares and 9,000 sq/m of conservatory space. Internationally renowned exhibitions and festive events offer an array of splendidly colourful programme.

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DomRömer Quarter

Frankfurt's New Historical Centre

60313 Frankfurt am Main

This quarter was recently reconstructed according to the original plans, bringing Frankfurt’s mediaeval history back to life. The harmonious architectural blend of the new quarter calls to mind the moving history of Frankfurt. The old town’s archaeological gardens feature the remnants of a former Roman settlement and an imperial palace dating back to Carolingian times.

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More Destinations

Emperor's Cathedral
    Schaumainkai 71
60596 Frankfurt am Main - Sachsenhausen-Nord 
Zeil 106
60313 Frankfurt am Main - Innenstadt
      Domplatz 14
60311 Frankfurt am Main - Altstadt   


There are many additional interesting and exciting sites in Frankfurt. To visit the Frankfurt tourism website, click here. They also host an interactive map to help you find places to go in the city. To access the map, click here.

Naturmuseum Senckenberg

Senckenberganlage 25
60325 Frankfurt am Main - Westend-Süd

The Senckenberg Museum - one of the largest Natural History Museums in Germany - exhibits the evolution of life and its recent biodiversity. Changing special exhibitions make every visit at the Senckenbeg Museum unique. Immerse yourself into primitive times!

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Hasengasse 7
60311 Frankfurt am Main - Altstadt

Open Monday-Saturday, some 156 market stalls sell all kinds of fresh foods, produce and flowers. Those feeling a bit peckish are urged to try some of the delicious specialities on offer right away, freshly prepared on site.

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