Additional information on these events, such as timing, sign-up, and social guest registration, will be made available for attendees closer to the conference dates.

Evening Events in Frankfurt!

Thursday, June 13: Welcome Reception

Frankfurt’s Special SMS will kick off with a drinks reception at 6pm. It will be held in the Executive Lounge and attached terrace overlooking the city. What better way to catch up with colleagues than to watch the sun set on Frankfurt's iconic skyline.

Friday, June 14: ECB Visit & Dinner

Join us for a behind-the-scenes tour of one of Europe's most coveted institutions. The European Central Bank guards the continent’s common currency, oversees its financial institutions, and stimulates economic activity through interest rates and bond purchases. Buses will be waiting at the Frankfurt School, following the afternoon’s last sessions. After touring the ECB’s new headquarter tower at the river Main, we will continue onwards for dinner at Alte Oper, the historic music hall in Frankfurt’s centre.