Distinguishing and Explaining Sources of Economic Value in Alliances and M&A

This panel will provide conceptual clarity on the determinants and effects of the different sources of economic value in alliances and M&As. The panel will discuss empirical strategies to disentangle the effects of the distinct causal mechanisms corresponding to different theoretical constructs in these types of arrangements. Finally, the scholars will provide their views for further elaboration of this research stream.


picture of Aneel Karnani
Aneel Karnani faculty member of the Strategy group at the Ross School of Business, The University of Michigan. Professor Karnani’s interests are focused on three topics: strategies for growth, global ...

picture of Arkadiy Sakhartov
Arkadiy Sakhartov
... his research focusses on corporate diversification. His interest in the topic has been inspired by the paradoxical prevalence of diversified firms and the ambiguity in extant research about whether corporate diversification adds value ...

picture of Brian Silverman
Brian Silverman
... is the J.R.S. Prichard and Ann Wilson Chair in Management, and Professor of Strategic Management at Rotman. His research focuses on the interaction...