Bus Schedule

Thursday, December 14
Buses will depart from the InterContinental for INCAE at the following times:
07:30    14:30    14:45    16:15    17:15

Friday, December 15
Buses will depart from the InterContinental for the Evening Event at 16:45.

Saturday, December 16
Buses will depart from the InterContinental for the Closing Reception and Dinner at 16:45.

Evening Events in Costa Rica

Opening Reception at INCAE Business School

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Opening Reception for the SMS Special Conference in Costa Rica will take place at INCAE Business School. A cocktail reception will take place to welcome you to the conference and to Costa Rica! INCAE Business School is about a 45 minute-drive from the conference hotel, the InterContinental, in San Jose. Buses will be available at specific times to transport attendees from the conference hotel to INCAE and return to the hotel after the Opening Reception.

With more than 50 years of history, INCAE is much more than a business school. Faithful to their mission, they support the development of the region through: 1) the training of leaders with a global perspective for Latin America; and 2) applied research in the impact centers, especially in the areas of competitiveness and sustainability, entrepreneurship and the development of women leaders.

Financial Times ranks INCAE 25th in the world in the Executive Education Ranking. Between 2013 and 2017 our INCAE Business School has risen 22 positions globally.

Coffee Tour and Dinner

Friday, December 15, 2017

Experience the original Costa Rican coffee tour at Café Britt’s farm located in Barva, Heredia, Costa Rica. Since 1991, over 500,000 guests from around the world have visited the plantation to learn about and share a passion for Costa Rican coffee.

The Classic Coffee Tour experts guide you through the lifecycle of gourmet coffee. Begin in the nursery and learn about the beans starting with their growing cycle and going through careful collection and selection of the finest beans. Learn how Costa Rica’s unique climate and diverse landscapes provide perfect growing conditions for gourmet coffee beans.

Next, you will be enchanted by the aromas of the roaster where you will discover how different roasting techniques affect the beans and the brew.  Learn about roasting and packing secrets that enable growers to deliver the best coffee from the plantation to your cup - anywhere in the world.

Learn how experts “break the cup” by using techniques to taste or “cup” coffee to identify and grade the characteristics that qualify a gourmet coffee.

Finally, surrounded by an outdoor tropical paradise and while listening to traditional music, there will be a dinner featuring local ingredients at Don Prospero Restaurant. You can also visit the coffee bar to order and enjoy the coffee beverage of your dreams.  Browse the factory store and gift shop where you can ship some souvenirs and fresh coffee back to your home where they will remind you of your Costa Rican tropical adventure.

Closing Reception at Restaurant "Le Monastère"

Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Restaurant "Le Monastère" will be where the Closing Reception will take place, with a formal dinner for the closing of the SMS Special Conference in Costa Rica.

Located on a hill with spectacular views of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, Le Monastère represents a combination of silent reflection and full festivity, subtly mixed to please all facets of good dining and enjoying the nightlife.

The restaurant has an eclectic history. Originally the residence and chapel of a wealthy family at the beginning of the 20th century, where the buildings were later converted into a monastery for religious novitiates.