Strategy Practice Workshop
Making Strategy Practice Research Relevant for Practitioners

In partnership with NOKIA

13:00 - 16:00


SEPT 2, 2016
Pre-Registration Deadline
SEPT 17, 2016
Strategy Practice Workshop
SEPT 17-20, 2016
Annual Conference

Call for Participants

Registration Information

The workshop is open to all conference participants interested in strategy practice research, but to ensure high quality of interaction the workshop will be limited to 40 participants. Pre-registration is required.

If you are interested in joining this workshop, please email the workshop organizer Rita Järventie-Thesleff at by Friday, September 2.  Please also include "Strategy Practice Workshop" in the subject line.

Workshop Information

The Strategy Practice Interest Group, in coordination with NOKIA, is pleased to offer a workshop on Making Strategy Practice Relevant for Practitioners.

The Strategy Practice Interest Group unites both scholars interested in practice research and practitioners. The group views strategy as something that people do and not that organizations have. It focuses on the doing of strategy. It is interested in all the activities, methods and tools that are employed in the doing of strategy and how the ‘strategy work’ is linked to organizational outcomes and to the broader institutional and societal environment strategy practitioners operate in. Our workshop follows the theme of the conference and works on the questions:

  • How can our strategic management discipline contribute to addressing real-world challenges?
  • How can we, as strategy scholars, ensure that our research is practically relevant?

This workshop with NOKIA will include a company presentation and panel discussions introducing recent research projects relevant for building a high-performance culture in an organization. A group work and interactive discussions will conclude the workshop.

Workshop Schedule

12:00-13:00:  Lunch

13:00-13:10:  Opening remarks
                    Rita Järventie-Thesleff

13:10-13:50:  Building a high-performance culture In NOKIA
                    Niklas Nordling

13:50-14:20:  Panel discussion presenting strategy practice research
                    Henrika Franck, Rita Järventie-Thesleff, Pikka-Maaria Laine   

14:20-14:30:  Introducing workshop topics

14:30-15:30:  Workshop

15:30-16.00:  Discussion and sharing the results

Workshop Organizers

picture of Henrika Franck
Henrika Franck
Aalto University
picture of Rita Järventie-Thesleff
Rita Järventie-Thesleff
Aalto University School of Business
picture of Pikka-Maaria Laine
Pikka-Maaria Laine
University of Lapland