Competitive Strategy SMS Junior Faculty Professional Development Workshop

9:00 - 12:00


Pre-registration Deadline
SEPT 17, 2016
Competitive Strategy SMS Junior Faculty Professional Development Workshop
SEPT 17-20, 2016
Annual Conference

Call for Participants

Registration Information

Pre-registration is encouraged but not required. If you are planning to attend, please let us know by sending an email to by Friday, September 2, 2016 so we can plan accordingly. Feel free to email the workshop coordinators at the same address with questions or comments.

Workshop Information

Please join us for the Competitive Strategy Interest Group’s first annual SMS Junior Faculty Professional Development Workshop at the upcoming SMS conference in Berlin, Germany. The workshop will be held on Saturday, September 17th 2016 from 9am-12pm and is open to all conference participants from all interest groups who are currently working as faculty at an academic institution.
The workshop is intended to be very interactive and loosely structured around topics such as:

Decision, decisions, decisions…
How to build your Research Pipeline beyond your dissertation?
When to start something ‘new’?
How do you know a research idea is a good one?
Matching your research to the publication outlet
Co-authoring and/or Solo-authoring?

Act of Balancing and/or Prioritizing…
Research-Teaching-Service: Prioritize and/or Balance
Work-life balance: Tricks of the Trade
Everything you ever wanted to know about Editorial Boards
Everything you ever wanted to know about Reviewing
Providing feedback for colleagues

Visibility and Making a Name for Yourself…
Conferences – Which ones to go to?
What to submit? Paper or Symposium
Giving ‘invited’ seminars? How do you get invited?
Circulating working papers? Soliciting feedback from colleagues?
SSRN? Researchgate? Google Scholar? Facebook? Personal Website?

Workshop Panelists

The 2016 SMS Junior Faculty Professional Workshop will feature several distinguished scholars who will interact with the participants in various formats. A few of the panelists that will be in attendance are:

  • Olivier Chatain - HEC Paris
  • Andrea Fosfuri - Bocconi University
  • Margaret Peteraf - Dartmouth College
  • Hart Posen - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Melissa Schilling - New York University

Workshop Organizers

picture of Asli Musaoglu Arikan
Asli Musaoglu Arikan
Kent State University
picture of PuayKhoon Toh
PuayKhoon Toh
University of Texas at Austin