Behavioral Strategy Workshop
The Romance and Reality of Non-Hierarchical Organizing

13:00 - 16:00


SEPT 2, 2016
Pre-Registration Deadline
SEPT 17, 2016
Behavioral Strategy Workshop
SEPT 17-20, 2016
Annual Conference

Call for Participants

Registration Information

The workshop is open to all conference participants interested in behavioral strategy research, but to ensure high quality of interaction, pre-registration is required.

If you are interested in joining this workshop, please email the workshop organizer Violina Rindova at by Friday, September 2.  Please also include "Behavioral Strategy Workshop" in the subject line.

Workshop Information

This session brings together diverse approaches to studying non- hierarchical organizations, which have attracted a lot of attention (e.g. Zappos, Valve, holocracies, participative budgeting, collective strategy making etc). Their unusual nature and the distinct behavioral assumptions that seem to underlie their design (compared to traditional hierarchies) offers a useful window for behavioral strategists to  understand how employee engagement can be marshalled into superior performance.

Participants are requested to submit a short (50 word) question about the topic at time of registration.

Workshop Agenda

  • The Case of GitHub: an Account of One Firms Experiment and Reversal of Non-Hierarchical Organizing
    Dorthe Dojbak Hakkanson, Aarhus University
  • Formal Models of Self-Selections and Self-Governance in Non-Hierarchical Organizations
    Maciej Workiewicz, INSEAD; Harsh  Ketkar, University of Michigan
  • The Exercise of Authority in Open Communities: the Case of Wikipedia
    Markus Reitzig, University of Vienna; Helge Klapper, University of Vienna
  • What Attracts us to Non-Hierarchical Organizing? An Evolutionary Psych Perspective
    Mark van Vugt VU University Amsterdam; Jay Narayanan, IMD
  • Breakout Sessions

Workshop Organizers

picture of Brian Wu
Brian Wu
University of Michigan