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Business Model Innovation and Change in Established Firms

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Friday, September 16, 2016


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This campus, which opened in 2015, strengthens IESE's international presence. The school has a main campus Barcelona, as well as others in Madrid, New York and Sao Paulo. Moreover, IESE regularly offers executive education programs in Mexico City, Mumbai, Nairobi, Shanghai and Warsaw. 


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Established in 2013, the International Workshop on Business Models is a platform for the fusion of insights about Business Models from both research and practice. The platform is predicated on the belief that researchers and practitioners could mutually benefit from the exchange of ideas and insights about Business Models. Scholars  from around the world bring a holistic view on business model issues and help practitioners in applying business model frameworks to tackle business issues. By sharing their real-world experiences practitioners enable scholars to crystalize and further develop business model frameworks. The workshop meets annually to discuss a broad range of content and process issues that relate to developing and implementing innovative business models.

Business model innovations can profoundly impact and change the way people live, work, consume, and interact with each other. Much of the research on business models has been conducted in the context of startups, however, and so we know less about business model innovation and change in established firms. Examples of well-known firms like Apple (adoption of innovative iPod/iTunes business model), IBM (switch from product-centered to service-centered business model), or Blackberry (failure to adapt the business model on time) suggest that these are also important topics for established firms.

This workshop aims to provide a forum for discussing a range of issues related to business model innovation and change, such as: How important is business model innovation compared to other forms of innovation in established firms? How does it differ? Are there interdependencies among various forms of innovation? How are new business models conceived and implemented in established firms? Does business model innovation differ between established firms and startups? If so, how? What are the costs of business model innovation? Under what circumstances does business model innovation help established firms rejuvenate and grow? What is the decision process leading to business model innovation (e.g., the role of individuals versus teams, middle managers versus senior managers)? How do different business models compete? What are the relevant performance outcomes of business models? What properties of business models confer a competitive advantage to the established firm?

Tentative Schedule

8:30 – 10:30         Academic panel discussion

11:00 – 13:00        Executives panel discussion

13:00 – 14:30        Lunch

14:30 – 16:30        Interactive joint discussion


picture of Raffi Amit
Raffi Amit
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Charles Baden-Fuller
Charles Baden-Fuller
Bayes Business School, City, University of London
picture of Chunhua Chen
Chunhua Chen
New Hope Group
picture of Karolin Frankenberger
Karolin Frankenberger
University of St. Gallen
picture of Rudolf Freytag
Rudolf Freytag
Siemens Corporate Technology
picture of Johannes Sommerhäuser
Johannes Sommerhäuser
Robert Bosch GmbH
picture of Fei Fei Sun
Fei Fei Sun
Qianhai Equity Exchange
picture of David Teece
David Teece
University of California, Berkeley
picture of Christopher Tucci
Christopher Tucci
Imperial College London
picture of Wei Wei
Wei Wei
Peking University