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Plenary Session 2: Positioning Dynamic Capabilities Thinking in a World of Mainstream Organizational Economics and Strategic Management Theories

Saturday, June 3, 15:45-17:00

Russ Coff will introduce the three keynote speakers, and also outline the similarities between the contemporary dynamic capabilities approach and the established work in strategy and organization theory that has addressed the necessity of continuous organizational change in turbulent environments.

The first keynote speaker, John Roberts, will describe how organizational economics provides the foundations for good governance, and how it can therefore explain the relative success of particular firms in the market place. He will focus on how uniting insights from organizational economics and the dynamic capabilities approach could lead to improved theorizing on the functioning of the modern firm.

The second keynote speaker, Jay Barney will highlight the similarities and differences between his own RBV perspective of the firm and David Teece’s dynamic capabilities approach.  He will focus on whether it would be possible – and what it would require in intellectual and political terms – to merge these two, distinct theories. Each of the two theories presently has an ecosystem of ‘adopters’ and ‘gatekeepers’, and its own application areas where it is perceived as particularly useful.

The third keynote speaker, David Teece, will respond to the Chair and the two other keynote speakers, and outline a new, grand vision, wherein the modern theories of entrepreneurship, organizational economics and RBV thinking are merged into a general theory of the firm. According to this theory, only a relentless focus on dynamic capabilities by the firm’s leaders and managers, will permit sustained, superior ‘value creation in its entirety.'

Sharon Alvarez, the session’s Co-Chair,  will facilitate the dialogue among the three keynote speakers, whereby she will focus on generating a conversation about the entrepreneurial dimensions of governance and dynamic capabilities.


picture of Sharon Alvarez
Sharon Alvarez
University of Pittsburgh
picture of Russell Coff
Russell Coff
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Plenary Speakers

picture of Jay Barney
Jay Barney
University of Utah
picture of D John Roberts
D John Roberts
Stanford University
picture of David Teece
David Teece
University of California, Berkeley