From Local Voids to Local Goods: Can Institutions Promote Competitive Advantage?

March 19-21, 2015

Santiago, Chile 

A recent stream of strategy research has examined how institutional voids pose fundamental challenges for industrial development in emerging markets, which bring detrimental effects to the competitiveness of local firms. Yet, in many countries, policymakers, to various degrees and levels, have adopted a rather positive agenda, to try and foster local firms through the provision of public resources, such as investments in infrastructure, specialized industrial policies, as well as knowledge-generation systems. Concomitantly, firms themselves have pursued collective synergies that individual firms alone would be able to attain. In sum, strategies embedded in the local environment may promote rather than limit competitive advantage. To advance this discussion, we are gathering a group of established scholars and practitioners in Santiago, one of the most modern Latin American cities. Chile is also well known for its distinctive institutional reforms, which promote a thriving business climate. The Conference will thus offer a unique opportunity to discuss how firms and institutions interact to spur entrepreneurship and development. 

Program Chairs

picture of Sergio Lazzarini
Sergio Lazzarini
Ivey Business School, Western University
picture of Luiz Mesquita
Luiz Mesquita
Arizona State University
picture of Jorge Tarzijan
Jorge Tarzijan
Catholic University of Chile

Track Chairs

picture of Peter Klein
Peter Klein
Baylor University
picture of Aldo Musacchio
Aldo Musacchio
Brandeis University

Advisory Board

picture of Robert Hoskisson
Robert Hoskisson
Rice University
picture of Tarun Khanna
Tarun Khanna
Harvard University
picture of Anita McGahan
Anita McGahan
University of Toronto
picture of Margaret Peteraf
Margaret Peteraf
Dartmouth College
picture of Joan E Ricart
Joan E Ricart
IESE Business School
picture of Stephen Tallman
Stephen Tallman
University of Richmond
picture of Roberto Vassolo
Roberto Vassolo
Austral University