Startup and Restart Strategies

March 9-11, 2014

Tel Aviv, Israel

At the heels of the financial crisis, nations and corporations seek policies and strategies that drive innovation, entrepreneurship and growth. Policy makers, practitioners and academics attempt to uncover the strategies that can revitalize the economy. In this pursuit for entrepreneurial drivers, old strategies are revisited while new strategies are evaluated in an effort to restart the economy and reengage in business development. Startup and restart strategies are needed to cope with these challenges and opportunities. This special conference will focus on how entrepreneurs, corporations and nations can leverage cooperation and coordination in order to revitalize their operations, initiate growth, and bring innovation to international markets. The conference theme underscores both the challenges and opportunities that startup firms and corporations face when seeking to foster innovation, commercialization and global market reach following a period of economic setback. We seek to explore ideas and deliver cutting-edge knowledge in areas of organization, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and international business that shed light on this phenomenon. Tel-Aviv is the city where history and tradition meet innovation and renewal.

Program Chairs

picture of Gary Dushnitsky
Gary Dushnitsky
London Business School
picture of Niron Hashai
Niron Hashai
The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
picture of Dovev Lavie
Dovev Lavie
Bocconi University

Track Chairs

picture of Julian Birkinshaw
Julian Birkinshaw
London Business School
picture of Alfonso Gambardella
Alfonso Gambardella
Bocconi University
picture of Lori Rosenkopf
Lori Rosenkopf
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Myles Shaver
Myles Shaver
University of Minnesota