Strategic Leadership: An Emerging Market Perspective

December 17-19, 2013

Mohali, India

Today, emerging economies are the world’s growth engines. Within this context, India is playing an increasingly significant role as a large market, as a provider of increasingly higher-end services and products, and as a source of novel and innovative business models aimed at addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems. All this, while facing resource constraints and a fractured institutional environment that are both very different from that in the West. There is, thus, much to learn by sharing experiences related to innovative strategies from both India and other emerging economies. The SMS India conference in December 2013 in Mohali aims to build on the premise that emerging economies, like India, offer rich opportunities for innovative theoretical and empirical innovations to strategy research. Our goal is to provide a platform for academics and practitioners to share their perspectives in traditional paper presentation sessions, interactive sessions, panels and plenaries - all this in a colorful and temperate north Indian winter!

Program Chairs

picture of Jaideep Anand
Jaideep Anand
Ohio State University
picture of Charles Dhanaraj
Charles Dhanaraj
University of Denver
picture of Prashant Kale
Prashant Kale
Rice University
picture of MB Sarkar
MB Sarkar
Temple University

Track Chairs

picture of Ram Mudambi
Ram Mudambi
Temple University
picture of Nandini Rajagopalan
Nandini Rajagopalan
University of Southern California
picture of Ravi Ramamurti
Ravi Ramamurti
Northeastern University
picture of Sougata Ray
Sougata Ray
Indian School of Business

Advisory Board

picture of Ajit Rangnekar
Ajit Rangnekar
Indian School of Business
picture of Harbir Singh
Harbir Singh
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Gautam Ahuja
Gautam Ahuja
Cornell University
picture of Robert Burgelman
Robert Burgelman
Stanford University
picture of Ranjay Gulati
Ranjay Gulati
Harvard University
picture of Tarun Khanna
Tarun Khanna
Harvard University
picture of Marvin Lieberman
Marvin Lieberman
University of California, Los Angeles
picture of Ian MacMillan
Ian MacMillan
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Anita McGahan
Anita McGahan
University of Toronto
picture of Rita D. Gunther-McGrath
Rita D. Gunther-McGrath
Columbia University
picture of Aks Zaheer
Aks Zaheer
University of Minnesota
picture of Srilata Zaheer
Srilata Zaheer
University of Minnesota