CK Prahalad: Reaching Over Boundaries and Expanding Possibilities

June 10-12, 2011

San Diego, United States of America

The "management guru" CK Prahalad reached across boundaries and expanded possibilities with his uncompromising emphasis on impactful research. Although his academic career was stellar, his work had an even greater impact on corporate leaders. Through a series of breakthrough ideas, his research changed the business world and helped improve people's lives. In this conference, we aimed to reflect on his many contributions with his co-authors, examine the impact of his research with business leaders, and discover different ways in which his ideas are being moved forward by scholars and researchers. Through panels and paper presentations, through interactive discussions and round tables, this conference celebrated the many contributions made by CK Prahalad.

Program Chairs

picture of Robert Hoskisson
Robert Hoskisson
Rice University
picture of C. Chet Miller
C. Chet Miller
University of Houston
picture of MB Sarkar
MB Sarkar
Temple University
picture of Karen Schnatterly
Karen Schnatterly
Virginia Tech

Advisory Board

picture of Richard Bettis
Richard Bettis
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
picture of Yves Doz
Yves Doz
picture of Gary Hamel
Gary Hamel
London Business School
picture of Stuart Hart
Stuart Hart
University of Vermont
picture of Prashant Kale
Prashant Kale
Rice University
picture of Ted London
Ted London
University of Michigan
picture of Dan Schendel
Dan Schendel
Purdue University
picture of Howard Thomas
Howard Thomas
Singapore Management University