Strategy Expanding: Making Sense of Shifting Field and Firm Boundaries

October 3-6, 2015

Denver, USA

Since its inception in the early 1980s, the field of strategic management has expanded greatly as researchers, managers and consultants have worked to develop and apply a knowledge base to inform the decisions of strategic leaders. The Strategic Management Society now includes more than 3000 members and the flagship journal, Strategic Management Journal, receives over 1000 submissions a year from authors all over the world. This developing and expanding knowledge base reflects the complicated and complex business world today that scholars and managers seek to understand and lead. Our field now embraces a broader plurality of research questions, units of analyses and modeling tools. These developments beg the question of whether the foundational questions that drove our field at its inception are still at the center of it, or whether there are new unifying themes that may drive future knowledge creation.

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Program Chairs

picture of Sharon Alvarez
Sharon Alvarez
University of Pittsburgh
picture of Donald Bergh
Donald Bergh
University of Denver
picture of Sharon Matusik
Sharon Matusik
University of Michigan - Ross School of Business

Track Chairs

picture of Vincent Barker
Vincent Barker
University of Kansas
picture of Doug Bosse
Doug Bosse
University of Richmond
picture of Thomas Brush
Thomas Brush
Purdue University
picture of Laura B. Cardinal
Laura B. Cardinal
University of South Carolina
picture of Igor Filatotchev
Igor Filatotchev
King's College London
picture of Martin Friesl
Martin Friesl
Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg
picture of Samina Karim
Samina Karim
Northeastern University
picture of Adelaide King
Adelaide King
University of Virginia
picture of David King
David King
Florida State University
picture of Doug Miller
Doug Miller
Rutgers University
picture of Ronaldo Parente
Ronaldo Parente
Florida International University
picture of Sotirios Paroutis
Sotirios Paroutis
University of Warwick
picture of Laura Poppo
Laura Poppo
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
picture of Rhonda Reger
Rhonda Reger
University of North Texas
picture of Carlo Salvato
Carlo Salvato
Bocconi University
picture of Karen Schnatterly
Karen Schnatterly
Virginia Tech
picture of Deepak Somaya
Deepak Somaya
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
picture of Inger Stensaker
Inger Stensaker
Norwegian School of Economics
picture of Anu Wadhwa
Anu Wadhwa
Imperial College London