Strategies in a World of Networks

September 20-23, 2014

Madrid, Spain 

The environment in which firms and other organizations operate has experienced major changes over the last few decades. The emergence of networks underlies the large transformations in business models, innovation processes, market strategies, and governance of the multiple relationships brought about by current business eco-systems. The scale and scope of these changes question the traditional notions of strategic management research and practice as we knew them, and require that organizations develop new factors for their success and survival. The 34th SMS Annual International Conference aims to address these issues by providing valuable proposals on a broader understanding about how organizations can leverage their network competitive position as they become part of larger eco-systems where boundaries are constantly reshaping.

Program Chairs

picture of Africa Ariño
Africa Ariño
IESE Business School
picture of Alejandro Beltran
Alejandro Beltran
McKinsey & Company
picture of Pascual Berrone
Pascual Berrone
IESE Business School

Track Chairs

picture of Ruth Aguilera
Ruth Aguilera
Northeastern University
picture of Juan Alcacer
Juan Alcacer
Harvard University
picture of Raffi Amit
Raffi Amit
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Elena Antonacopoulou
Elena Antonacopoulou
University of Liverpool
picture of Laura B. Cardinal
Laura B. Cardinal
University of South Carolina
picture of Xavier Castaner
Xavier Castaner
University of Lausanne
picture of Clint Chadwick
Clint Chadwick
University of Kansas
picture of Naga Lakshmi Damaraju
Naga Lakshmi Damaraju
Sonoma State University
picture of Shayne Gary
Shayne Gary
University of New South Wales
picture of Nandini Lahiri
Nandini Lahiri
American University
picture of Kyle J. Mayer
Kyle J. Mayer
University of Southern California
picture of Sotirios Paroutis
Sotirios Paroutis
University of Warwick
picture of Sybille Sachs
Sybille Sachs
Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration
picture of Christopher Tucci
Christopher Tucci
Imperial College London
picture of Anja Tuschke
Anja Tuschke
LMU Munich
picture of Govert Vroom
Govert Vroom
IESE Business School
picture of Heli Wang
Heli Wang
Singapore Management University
picture of Margaret White
Margaret White
Oklahoma State University
picture of Robert Wright
Robert Wright
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Additional Conference Committee Members

picture of Vincent Barker
Vincent Barker
University of Kansas
picture of Donald Bergh
Donald Bergh
University of Denver
picture of Doug Bosse
Doug Bosse
University of Richmond
picture of Igor Filatotchev
Igor Filatotchev
King's College London
picture of Martin Friesl
Martin Friesl
Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg
picture of Samina Karim
Samina Karim
Northeastern University
picture of Adelaide King
Adelaide King
University of Virginia
picture of David King
David King
Florida State University
picture of Doug Miller
Doug Miller
Rutgers University
picture of Ronaldo Parente
Ronaldo Parente
Florida International University
picture of Laura Poppo
Laura Poppo
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
picture of Rhonda Reger
Rhonda Reger
University of North Texas
picture of Deepak Somaya
Deepak Somaya
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
picture of Anu Wadhwa
Anu Wadhwa
Imperial College London