Strategies for a Multi-Polar World: National Institutions And Global Competition

November 6-9, 2011

Miami, USA

The world has changed dramatically since the SMS first met in London in 1981 and this last decade in particular has taught us many lessons. One is that the highly integrated world economy built over the past half-century affords few islands of refuge from economic events happening anywhere on earth. A second is that the rate of growth, considerable resilience and enormous potential of the world's emerging markets is where the action is for the foreseeable future. Thirdly, it has shown us that institutions matter, and matter greatly. Corporations are supported and constrained by these institutions in their strategic pursuits, and may also attempt to shape them to their own advantage. This is the focus of the 31st annual meeting of the Society in 2011.

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Program Chairs

picture of Aya Chacar
Aya Chacar
Florida International University
picture of Jose de la Torre
Jose de la Torre
Florida International University

Track Chairs

picture of Charles Dhanaraj
Charles Dhanaraj
University of Denver
picture of Donald Hatfield
Donald Hatfield
Virginia Tech
picture of David Lepak
David Lepak
University of Massachusetts Amherst
picture of Catherine Maritan
Catherine Maritan
Syracuse University
picture of Ram Mudambi
Ram Mudambi
Temple University
picture of Seung Ho Park
Seung Ho Park
Nanyang Technological University
picture of Gerry Sanders
Gerry Sanders
University of Texas - San Antonio
picture of Govert Vroom
Govert Vroom
IESE Business School
picture of Margarethe Wiersema
Margarethe Wiersema
University of California, Irvine
picture of Mary-Anne Williams
Mary-Anne Williams
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
picture of Robert Wright
Robert Wright
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
picture of Bennet Zelner
Bennet Zelner
University of Maryland
picture of Maurizio Zollo
Maurizio Zollo
Imperial College London
picture of Christoph Zott
Christoph Zott
IESE Business School