Strategies in an Uncertain World

October 11-14, 2009

Washington DC, USA

The Conference aims to encourage discussions about research and strategies for addressing uncertainty and the opportunities created by changes in the world.  Concepts of uncertainty have long been at the heart of many of the core theories used in strategic management to understand competitive advantage as well as organizational boundaries.  Increases in the levels and types of uncertainty potentially have important implications for the durability of firm advantages, the way firms learn and adapt, approaches for managing innovation and knowledge, and the attractiveness of different strategies and organizational models.

Program Chairs

picture of Marjorie Lyles
Marjorie Lyles
Florida International University
picture of Jeffrey Reuer
Jeffrey Reuer
University of Colorado, Boulder

Track Chairs

picture of Björn Ambos
Björn Ambos
University of St. Gallen
picture of Véronique Ambrosini
Véronique Ambrosini
Monash University
picture of Africa Ariño
Africa Ariño
IESE Business School
picture of Mason A Carpenter
Mason A Carpenter
University of Wisconsin-Madison
picture of David Deeds
David Deeds
University of St. Thomas
picture of Dovev Lavie
Dovev Lavie
Bocconi University
picture of Christoph Lechner
Christoph Lechner
University of St. Gallen
picture of Catherine Maritan
Catherine Maritan
Syracuse University
picture of Gianmario Verona
Gianmario Verona
Bocconi University
picture of Henk Volberda
Henk Volberda
University of Amsterdam
picture of Maurizio Zollo
Maurizio Zollo
Imperial College London

Additional Conference Committee Members

picture of Duncan Angwin
Duncan Angwin
University of Nottingham
picture of Africa Ariño
Africa Ariño
IESE Business School
picture of Paul Friga
Paul Friga
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
picture of Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta
University of Maryland
picture of Idalene Kesner
Idalene Kesner
Kelley School of Business at Indiana University
picture of Michael Leiblein
Michael Leiblein
Ohio State University
picture of Sharon Matusik
Sharon Matusik
University of Michigan - Ross School of Business
picture of Joseph Mahoney
Joseph Mahoney
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
picture of Robert Nixon
Robert Nixon
University of Louisville
picture of Sotirios Paroutis
Sotirios Paroutis
University of Warwick
picture of MB Sarkar
MB Sarkar
Temple University
picture of Margarethe Wiersema
Margarethe Wiersema
University of California, Irvine
picture of Robert Wiseman
Robert Wiseman
Michigan State University
picture of Bill Wooldridge
Bill Wooldridge
University of Massachusetts Amherst