The upcoming SMS Annual Conference in Istanbul features a series of Extensions— one-day topical workshops offering a deep dive into subjects pertinent to the conference theme. This year’s theme, “Strategic Management of Fault Lines, Contradictions, and Divergences,” explores the complexities and evolving paradigms within strategic management.

The Extensions align closely with the SMS’s Six Big Questions of Strategic Management. The Big Six were developed to inspire and focus conversations between industry and academia. They invite the strategic management community to develop actionable insights, frameworks, tools, and resources to bridge the worlds of scholarship and practice. The Big Six include:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Technology
  3. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  4. Deglobalization
  5. Innovation
  6. Leadership


A Unique Opportunity to Explore the Big Six in Practice

The Extensions at the SMS Annual Conference offer an exceptional opportunity for participants to explore the Big Six strategic insights in experiential settings. These one-day workshops are designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice through hands-on, interactive sessions led by experts in the field. Participants can engage in real-world applications of strategic concepts, collaborate on innovative solutions, and gain practical insights that can be directly applied to their organizations.

  1. Disruptive Digital Technologies Data And AI: Implications for Innovation Entrepreneurship and Strategic Decision-Making

Aligning directly with the second Bix Six Question, Technology, this Extension will bring together scholars interested in studying digitization, innovation, entrepreneurship, AI and technology. The event will also involve practitioners/managers from southeastern Europe, including local digital platform companies which have developed a unique approach, developing a local solution to technology problems, while inspired by ventures elsewhere.

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  1. Megafirms as Economic, Social, and Geopolitical Actors in Emerging Multipolarity

Focused on an exploration of megafirms as a critical component of the emerging world order of the 21st century, this Extension echoes the fourth Big Six Questions of Strategic Management, Deglobalization, which addresses how multinational firms navigate geopolitical challenges in an ever-evolving landscape. This day-long extension includes a panel of top executives of Koç Holding, a megafirm of Türkiye in the Global Fortune 500, followed by four moderated panel discussions throughout the day that allow ample time for audience participation and bring together academics and practitioners.

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  1. Firms In the Lab: Frontiers of Experimentation

This in-person extension on October 18th will focus on organizational experiments, providing a platform for scholars to discuss emerging trends and gain feedback. This Extension straddles Bix Six questions two and five, by emphasizing the potential of experimental methods in understanding and enhancing strategic decisions, and how leaders can utilize state-of-the-art technology to achieve superior performance. This intensive workshop will include presentations, panel discussions, and developmental sessions. Expert faculty will showcase the frontiers of the field and discuss the scope for lab studies in strategy.

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  1. Sustainability At the Crossroads: What’s Next?

This extension directly addresses the first Big Six insight, Sustainability, by bringing together diverse stakeholders in meaningful dialogue and catalyzing collaborative efforts towards sustainable business models of the future.  Participants will have the opportunity to glean insights from keynote speeches delivered by leading scholars and executives, engage in panel discussions featuring both academics and practitioners and cultivate valuable connections through networking opportunities.

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Be part of the Conversation

By connecting with the Big Six strategic insights, the Extensions at the SMS Annual Conference provide valuable opportunities for scholars and practitioners to deepen their understanding, exchange ideas, and drive forward the field of strategic management. Extension registration is separate from conference registration and will be available through October 1, 2024. Conference registration is not required for participation in an Extension.

For more information and registration details, visit the SMS Strategic Insights page and the conference page.

Published Date
17 June 2024

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Article Summary/Abstract, Journals News


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