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Digital technologies have transformed a wide range of industries, and digital companies are playing an increasingly important role in the economy. This has created an interest in understanding implications of how this forms our understanding of strategic management (Adner, Puranam and Zhu, 2019; Greenstein, Lerner and Stern, 2010), and opportunities for entrepreneurship (Ewens, Nanda and Rhodes-Kropf, 2018). Such differences are only being amplified with the growth of AI which is greatly impacting how firms compete, and also new opportunities.

This SMS Extension brings together scholars interested in studying digitization, innovation, entrepreneurship, AI and technology, for a discussion of cutting-edge research on the topic. While these topics are garnering considerable attention, research is only beginning to be published on this topic, and scholars benefit from co-locating to discuss and develop papers on this topic. The event will also involve practitioners/managers from southeastern Europe, including a number of local digital platform companies which have developed a unique approach, developing a local solution to technology problems, while inspired by ventures elsewhere.

Additionally, the extension brings the SMS global community to a new and topically-relevant location, where they can interact with local faculty (from Serbia and other universities in the region) as well as local business leaders and government leaders. The government of the Republic of Serbia has recently made an official commitment to positioning Serbia as a leading hub for cutting-edge scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of machine learning and AI, leveraging what have been traditionally strong human capital expertise in domains such as engineering, coding and computer science. This has been supported by a number of recent investments in AI-related initiatives, including the establishment of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development of Serbia.

The event will be organized as a set of panel discussions, where faculty present research projects with high-level theoretical and managerial implications on the related topics, followed by a panel discussion by invited industry guests. October 16th will feature an optional doctoral workshop, city tour, and dinner, while the main Extension program will be held on the 17th, with four individual sessions, lunch, and an optional dinner.

Registration Fees:

    • SMS Members: 150 USD
    • Non-Members: 180 USD


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Event Type
Conference Extension


16 - 17 Oct, 2024


03:00pm CEST - 05:00pm CEST

University of Belgrade

Event Organizers

Milan Miric, University of Southern California
Veljko Jeremic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Jelena Cerar, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria


SMS Executive Office


Jove Ilića 154