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Today’s grand societal challenges are unprecedented. The economic growth aspirations of firms historically have been driving carbon emissions and environmental pollution. A staggering $44 trillion, half of the world’s GDP, relies on nature. Climate risks jeopardize global wealth, quality of life, and economic growth. Despite heightened awareness and sustainability efforts, these grand challenges persist, demanding urgent action. “Globalization is evolving into a multi-stakeholder, empathy-focused common culture of life, beyond the transfer of goods and people” which places sustainability at the epicenter of this “cultural revolution”, says Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper at the 54th Davos Summit in 2024. Addressing grand challenges in general, and considering environmental impact while accelerating economic performance in particular is a hitherto unsolved mystery facing organizations which, once solved, can unlock the potential for paving the way for a new “mission-driven capitalism”. Hence, it becomes imperative for scholars, businesspeople, consultants, and government officials to navigate these uncharted waters collectively.


However, sustainability is at a crossroads, marked by faultlines between developed and developing economies, academia and industry, varying political ideologies, and the dichotomy between businesses genuinely committed to sustainability and those who merely see it as a public relations exercise. This extension aims to foster convergence by bringing together different stakeholders operating within the sustainability sphere. We plan to delve deeply into topics such as the differing approaches to sustainability between developing and developed countries, potential synergies between profit-driven corporations and public institutions, and corporate social responsibility initiatives and their impact on society and the environment. Probing what is next, we also aim to explore the interface between sustainability and digitization/artificial intelligence.


Through an engaging program, the extension strives to provide a platform for diverse stakeholders to learn from one another and engage in meaningful dialogue. Participants will have the opportunity to glean insights from keynote speeches delivered by leading scholars and executives, engage in panel discussions featuring both academics and practitioners and cultivate valuable connections through networking opportunities. By facilitating such interactions, this extension endeavors to catalyze collaborative efforts towards sustainable business models of the future.

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Conference Extension


18 Oct, 2024


09:30am EEST - 05:00pm EEST

Sabancı Museum

Event Organizers

Nufer Yasin Ates, Sabanci Business School, Sabanci Uni.
Aysegul Toker, Sabanci Business School, Sabanci Uni.
Remzi Gozubuyuk, Sabanci Business School, Sabanci Uni.
Habibe Acik, Sabanci Business School, Sabanci Uni.


SMS Executive Office


Emirgan, Sakıp Sabancı Cd.