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picture of Metin Sengul
Metin Sengul
Boston College

Program Chair

picture of Tony Tong
Tony Tong
University of Colorado, Boulder

Associate Program Chair

picture of Sinziana Dorobantu
Sinziana Dorobantu
New York University

Engagement Officer

picture of Catherine Magelssen
Catherine Magelssen
London Business School

The Corporate Strategy Interest Group considers the decisions, actions and outcomes associated with an organization's portfolio of business lines. The research and practice of corporate strategy considers actions associated with changing the firm's scope and profile of business lines including vertical integration, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate diversification strategy/organization, implementation and performance. Recent research considers how resources shape a firm's scope and relatedness of business lines, how firm resource composition influence merger and acquisition outcomes, how diversified firms are managed most effectively and why and when divestiture becomes viable. Other areas of interest include how a firm's resources impact upon its growth and divestment decisions, when different modes of growth and reduction are used, and what tradeoffs exist among various types of diversification strategy and its organization alternatives. Corporate strategy draws from a wide range of theories and methods to help explain the determinants and performance outcomes of managing the scope and boundaries of the diversified firm.

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picture of Afonso Almeida Costa
Afonso Almeida Costa
Nova School of Business and Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
picture of Sandra Corredor
Sandra Corredor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
picture of Magdalena Dobrajska
Magdalena Dobrajska
Carlos III University of Madrid
picture of Oliver Baumann
Oliver Baumann
University of Southern Denmark
picture of Catherine Magelssen
Catherine Magelssen
London Business School
picture of Xena Welch Guerra
Xena Welch Guerra
Erasmus University Rotterdam