The SRF Programs are directed by a team of Co-Chairs. These individuals form the SRF Leadership Team and are appointed to staggered three-year renewable terms. The primary responsibility of the SRF Co-Chairs is to develop and review themes and focus areas for the SRF. Jointly with the SMS Board, they develop policies for SRF research funding. They manage the review process and operate all aspects of the research funding program in cooperation with the SMS Office. Our ideal Leadership Team is composed of 2 – 4 individuals and reflects the substantive and geographic diversity of the SMS.

The SRF Leadership Team appoints Program Chairs to help organize and implement the SRF Research Program. These PCs assist in theme development, review and selection, monitoring and evaluating funded work, corporate development, endowment fund management, and so forth. PCs also have renewable three year terms.

The decisions on proposals in the grant competitions, the ongoing monitoring of research projects as well as the evaluation after their completion will be aided by reviewers who form the SRF Review Board.

The SRF Leadership Team will be advised by an appointed SRF Advisory Board. This board offers advice on current research themes and programs. It includes a broad range of constituents from academia and practice interested in the mission of the SMS.

The SRF is a program activity of the Strategic Management Society and the SMS Board of Directors is the body providing oversight. The Board’s Research Committee is working closely with the SRF Leadership Team in developing strategies and policies.

SRF Co-Chairs

picture of Michael Leiblein
Michael Leiblein
Ohio State University
picture of Catherine Maritan
Catherine Maritan
Syracuse University

SRF Dissertation Research Program Director

picture of Tammy Madsen
Tammy Madsen
Santa Clara University

SRF Research in Organizations Program Director

picture of Riitta Katila
Riitta Katila
Stanford University