Research Methods Community

We are excited to introduce the second SMS Community! The Research Methods initiative is now a formalized Community. With 2016 membership, SMS members have the option of joining the Research Methods Community in addition to their two selected Interest Groups at no additional charge.

Research Methods Leadership


picture of Andreas Schwab
Andreas Schwab
Iowa State University

Program Chair

picture of Asli Musaoglu Arikan
Asli Musaoglu Arikan
Kent State University

Associate Program Chair

picture of Michael Withers
Michael Withers
Texas A&M University

Engagement Officers

picture of Michael Withers
Michael Withers
Texas A&M University
picture of Asli Musaoglu Arikan
Asli Musaoglu Arikan
Kent State University


The goals of the Research Methods Community are to (a) foster advances in research methods, and (b) serve as a resource for members to advance their own methodology skills. The Research Methods (RM) Community is inclusive and open to all methodological orientations, including quantitative and qualitative. Topics of interest include philosophy of science, epistemology, experimental and non-experimental design, survey research, ethnography, measurement development and evaluation, construct validation, modeling and any other methodological topic that advances research practices within the SMS. Recent research considers construct measurement, statistical myths and urban legends, new and innovative data, self-report data, replication, research design alternatives, endogeneity, tests for causality, case study analysis, and qualitative comparative analysis, among others. The RM Community is integrative, with contact with all SMS Interest Groups.

Our primary objective is to address the research methods related needs of SMS members. As such the RM Community seeks to provide conference programming that is dedicated to critical areas of methodology: design, measurement, data collection processes and analytical methodologies. By concentrating sessions and workshops on specific methodological decisions, the RM Community will help members develop better understanding of specific methods. Such sessions have already reached SMS members through PDWs, plenary tracks, showcase panels and competitive paper sessions.

A second objective is to provide a forum in which members can share experiences and resources related to the various aspects of research methods. The RM Community can organize and/or participate in sessions related to measurement, analysis, design, and research process to maximize exposure for conference participants. In addition, sessions on particular aspects of research methodologies would provide a forum for discussion of strengths, weaknesses and possible lessons learned when using the method.

A third objective is to provide a concentrated time during the pre-conference to focus on training around a specific method or design for interested SMS members. Further, the RM Community can coordinate with the IGs to provide research methods integration in their pre-Annual conference activities (often developmental workshops) as well as to provide a resource wherever the RM Community can provide assistance.

Finally, the RM Community can provide assistance outside of the Annual Conference. It can assist Special Conferences with, for example, conference-themed research methods-based developmental sessions. It can also provide a central location for ongoing development. For example, we can record methods-based sessions and make them available on a You-Tube channel.

By providing an organized community to pursue and keep track of these activities, we believe we can improve the scope and quality of research in strategic management.


picture of Michael Howard
Michael Howard
Texas A&M University
picture of Jason Ridge
Jason Ridge
University of Arkansas
picture of Ruifang Wang
Ruifang Wang
Maynooth University
picture of Joanna Campbell
Joanna Campbell
University of Cincinnati
picture of Markus Fitza
Markus Fitza
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
picture of Tessa Recendes
Tessa Recendes
Pennsylvania State University