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Salary Transparency Policies, Partnered with Low-cost Monitoring Tools, Can Help Close the Gender Pay Gap

Salary transparency could be a great equalizer tool, but new research finds that those effects may be seen only if the cost of monitoring salaries is low. If the public…

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New Study Describes How Employee Opinion Impacts CEO Dismissal

Corporate governance decisions, like CEO dismissal, can disrupt organizations. As a result, the board of directors treads with caution while making such decisions. Previous research suggests that boards rely on…

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Considering Pay-for-Performance Incentives? You May Put Innovation at Risk

By Sarah Steimer Open, diversified and large networks are known to spur innovation at companies, but managers may discourage their development when they implement pay-for-performance incentives. These plans — which…

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Why New Hires Fail: The Structure of the Organizations that Hire Them

by Bryan Hong   A widely held belief among business strategists is that human capital—the knowledge, skills, and abilities within individual employees—is one of the most important sources of competitive…

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Strategic Responses to Crisis

A Virtual Special Issue edited by Matthias Wenzel, Sarah Stanske, and Marvin Lieberman Currently, the pandemic crisis is affecting the lives of people and organizations around the world. As the…

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Chinese Pharmacy

A Strategy Contribution to the Immigration Debate

by Esther Leibel Do skilled ethnic migrants steal jobs from local skilled workers? According to Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhury and Do Yoon Kim, this question may originate from a flawed assumption—that…

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