Entrepreneurship and Strategy IG

Entrepreneurship & Strategy Leadership


Program Chair

picture of Aseem Kaul
Aseem Kaul
University of Minnesota

Associate Program Chair

picture of Pinar Ozcan
Pinar Ozcan
University of Warwick

Engagement Officer

picture of Justin Webb
Justin Webb
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

This Interest Group focuses on entrepreneurial behavior both in new ventures and established organizations. Its purpose is to help create useful knowledge on effective entrepreneurial strategies. Some of the important questions that it seeks to address include: How can we strengthen the theorizing on entrepreneurial activity? How does a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship differ from other theories on competitive advantage? What are the appropriate research methods for a scientific study of the entrepreneurial process? What is the role of strategy in a new venture firm and how does it differ from that in an established firm?


picture of Daniel Forbes
Daniel Forbes
University of Minnesota
picture of Hana Milanov
Hana Milanov
Technical University of Munich
picture of Mahka Moeen
Mahka Moeen
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
picture of Elisa Alvarez-Garrido
Elisa Alvarez-Garrido
University of South Carolina
picture of Susan Cohen
Susan Cohen
University of Georgia