Corporate Strategy Interest Group Awards

The Corporate Strategy Interest Group recognizes outstanding research and contributions as determined by the Leadership Committee of the Interest Group. These recognitions are typically presented at the Corporate Strategy Business Meeting held at the SMS Annual Conference. 


The Corporate Strategy IG Best Paper Award

The Corporate Strategy IG presents this award to honor the best paper submitted to the corporate strategy track and presented at the SMS Annual Conference. The award was called “Best Proposal Award” in 2018, the first year it was granted, and was renamed as “Best Paper Award” starting 2019. The winners and finalists for this award are as follows:

2021 SMS 41st Annual Conference

  • Winner: 
    • Geography in the Making of Culture and Corporate Strategy: A Longitudinal Study of M&As
      by Kunyuan Qiao
  • Finalists: 
    • Strategic Responses to Input Shocks: Organizational Determinants of Adjustment Cost
      (and Benefit)

      by Xia Han and Liang Chen
    • Can Alliances Substitute Acquisitions? The Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment
      by Joonmahn Lee and Jaemin Lee
    • Firm Security Orientation: Strategic Adaptations in a Discordant World
      by Joseph Simpson, Richard Hunt, David Townsend, and Maximilian Stallkamp
    • Exaptive Search and Resource Redeployment as a Response to Environmental Shocks
      by Juha Uotila and Xena Welch Guerra
    • The Impact of Ecosystem Dissimilarity on Complementors’ Multihoming: Evidence from
      Mobile Apps

      by Shihao Zhou, Weiliang Zhang, Arkadiy Sakhartov, and Xi Chen

2020 SMS 40th Annual Conference

  • Winner: 
    • The Transmission of Economic Shocks in Multi-Divisional Firms: A Capabilities-Based View
      by Timo Sohl, Brian McCann, and Govert Vroom
  • Finalists: 
    • Corporate Defection
      Olivier Chatain, Camille Doche, and  Emilie Feldman
    • Disentangling the Impact of Platform Sponsor’s Scope on Platform Growth
      Ramya Murthy and Moren Levesque
    • Platform Scope Choices and Ecosystem Heterogeneity: A Configurational Approach
      Ramya Murthy and Anoop Madhok
    • Portfolio Dynamism Heterogeneity and Firm Performance - Industry Dynamism as a Novel Dimension of Relatedness
      Martin Weiss and Carine Peeters
    • When Production Outsourcing Hurts a Firm’s Capability to Create Value from Product Innovations
      Stefan Naef, Mathias Beck, Martin Woerter, and Stephan Wagner

2019 SMS Annual Conference in Minneapolis  

  • Winner: 
    • Revisiting the Locus of Experience: A Study on Corporate Development Executives, Organizational Learning and M&A Performance
       Lisa Tang
  • Finalists
    • Post-Acquisition Integration Strategic Choices: Do Inherited Alliances Play a Role?
      Aneta Oleksiak and Pedro de Faria
    • Strategic Alignment in Acquisitions to Create Value: Exploration, Exploitation and Dynamic Managerial Capability
      David Sirmon, Michael A. Hitt, and Steve Lim
    • Using Acquisitions to Achieve Optimal Distinctiveness: Navigating Multiplicate and Dynamic Audience Evaluations
      Rui Yang

2018 SMS Annual Conference in Paris

  • Winners: 
    • The Market Value Spillovers of Mergers and Acquisitions: Disentangling Rivalry and Technological Signaling Effects  
      Marco Testoni 
    • Resource Redeployment Among Siblings: Evidence from the Global Retail Sector 
      Timo Sohl 
  • Finalists:
    • Can Managers’ Due Diligence Efforts Increase the Value of Acquisitions? Evidence from Cellphone Tracking Data 
      Marco Testoni, Mariko Sakakibara, and Keith Chen 
    • The Role of Rhetorical Modes in Firm Uncertainty and Performance
      Michael McLeod, Keith Brigham, Gaylen Chandler, G Tyge Payne, and Joshua Sears 

The Corporate Strategy IG Best Reviewer Award

The Corporate Strategy IG selected two reviewers for this award each year between 2014 and 2016. The recipients of this award were as follows:

2016 SMS Annual Conference in Berlin

  • Timothy J. Quigley
  • Metin Sengul 

2015 SMS Annual Conference in Denver 

  • Kimberly Ellis
  • Martin Weiss

2014 SMS Annual Conference in Madrid 

  • Kathryn Rudie Harrigan
  • Metin Sengul