About this Committee

The Research Methods Community fosters advances in research methods, and serves as a resource for members to advance their own methodology skills by providing a forum in which members can share experiences and resources related to the various aspects of research methods. The Research Methods Community helps members develop a better understanding of specific methods through hosting sessions and workshops that are dedicated to critical areas of methodology: design, measurement, data collection processes and analytical methodologies. By providing an organized community to pursue and document the above activities, the Research Methods Community hopes to improve the scope and quality of research in strategic management.

Topic Areas of Research

Philosophy of science, epistemology, experimental and non-experimental design, survey research, ethnography, measurement development and evaluation, construct validation, modeling and any other methodological topic that advances research practices within the SMS.

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Group Leadership Details

Anne Jacqueminet

Research Methods Community Chairperson
Bocconi University

Sheryl Winston Smith

Research Methods Community Program Chair
BI Norwegian Business School

Elena Plaksenkova

Research Methods Community Associate Program Chair
Ohio State University


Sandeep Pillai

Bocconi University

Zhiyan Wu

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Minyoung Kim

University of Kansas

Yuan Shi

Cornell University

Johannes Loh

BI Norwegian Business Shool

Joseph Harrison

Texas Christian University


Valentina Assenova

Engagement Officer
University of Pennsylvania

Weiting Zheng

Communications Officer
University of New South Wales

Elena Plaksenkova

Doctoral / Junior Faculty Engagement Officer
Ohio State University

Zhiyan Wu

Workshop Coordinator
Erasmus University Rotterdam