Why did you decide to get involved with the Strategic Management Society?

“SMS provides an opportunity to share knowledge and network with like minds round the world.”

What initiatives have you been involved in within the SMS recently, or what is something you’re excited about that is coming up for SMS?

“I was elected for an office position in the Global Strategy Interest Group and also in the Teaching Community. This was a great experience to get involved hands on with SMS. I also proposed and organized / chaired two special conference in Brazil, one in Rio de Janeiro in 2011 and another in Sao Paulo in 2018.”

When you are not immersed in strategic management, what can we find you doing?

“Surfing and Kite surfing in Brazil, Costa Rica or El Salvador.”

Please tell us about your family, loved ones, and/or pets.

“I have two kids. A daughter who is 15 sophomore in high school and a son (28) who is an orthopedic surgeon resident at NYU Langone Hospital in New York. My wife is a nurse by training but current works a real-state broker in Miami. Also have two brothers, four nephews and mother living in Brazil. Father passed recent with COVID. Still have six uncles and aunts and many cousins all living in Brazil. Our pet is a Maltese dog named Molly.”